What do the LEDs on my AC Batteries mean?

A quick glance at the LED on each of your AC Batteries tells you what it is doing at any given moment.

If the LED is… The AC Battery is…
Slowly flashing green Charging
Slowly flashing blue Discharging
Solid blue or green Idle; the color transitions from blue to green as the battery’s state-of-charge increases. You can see the exact state-of-charge on the MyEnlighten overview screen.

On rare occasions, you may see one of the following LED states:

  • Solid red – The battery is starting up. If this persists for more than a few minutes, contact your solar professional for assistance.
  • Flashing red – The battery is in an error state. Contact your solar professional for assistance.
  • Solid amber – The battery is not operating due to high temperature. Check the temperature in the room and increase cooling and/or ventilation as required to reduce the ambient temperature to 45° C / 113° F or lower.
  • Off – The battery is not operating. During a brownout or blackout, the AC Battery powers down automatically and the LED will turn off. This is normal. When power is restored, it automatically starts up again. If the LED stays off after power is restored, contact your solar professional for assistance.


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