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Good Faith Energy 

Good Faith Energy prioritizes people over profit. 


Founder and CEO Mohammed Abdalla (aka “Mo”) knows that
not everyone approaches business this way.

While sales numbers may be the key driver for some solar installers, Mo truly values the customer experience over everything else. “Our business follows a strong customer-centric approach,” he commented in a recent conversation with Enphase. “We do our best to treat people right by offering them high quality systems at a transparent and fair price.”

Mo grew up in Plano, Texas and started a career in oil and gas before realizing that it wasn’t the impact he wanted to make in the world.
Having been drawn to the outdoors from a young age, he’d always been conscious of his decisions and how they affect others, and it felt like his calling to pursue work that gave back to others in a meaningful way. He founded Good Faith Energy in 2014 because he firmly believes that solar is one of the few kinds of businesses that provide returns across the triple bottom line (profit, people, and the planet). Eight years later, he and his partner Michael Solano have installed over 15 megawatts of capacity across 1,000 residential systems in Texas and its neighboring states.

“It’s important that we treat each one with the complexity that
it requires and include the appropriate electrical services
and gear to support the system”

Mohammed Abdalla, 
Founder and CEO of Good Faith Energy


True to Mo’s word, Good Faith Energy treats every project with the thoughtfulness and care required to customize solar, batteries, EV charging, and smart home automation systems for each customer’s unique goals and needs.

For example, instead of simply installing a solar and battery system by request, an on-site assessment consisting of 300 high quality drone images and home load analysis must be completed with detailed documentation of appliance nameplate ratings before the team will provide a proposal and quote for a system. “It’s important that we provide highly-customized and accurate designs that enhance the customer experience and ensure the right expectations are set before install day,” Mo explained.

Mo values working with Enphase due to its similarly customer-centric attitude. “I appreciate Enphase leadership for continuing to improve software and hardware through an active customer feedback loop,” he said. “Enphase comes to us for our suggestions for improvement – they’re really receptive to hearing about different ways to improve the installer and customer experience.”

The modularity, flexibility, and reliability afforded by Enphase microinverters also help Mo provide top service to his customers. He loves that he can upload high quality drone images into the Enphase App to show exactly how a customer’s panels were installed and empower them to monitor and manage their own system at the panel level. In fact, before this was a complimentary service, Good Faith Energy would pay for customers to have it in order to get the most value out of their systems. Today, one of Mo’s favorite Enphase projects is installed on Good Faith Energy’s office roof, which includes 170 solar panels and IQ7A and IQ7+ microinverters to create a 66-kilowatt system that provides reliable clean energy to his employees.

Looking forward, Mo knows the Texas market will be forever changed by February’s disastrous power outages amidst freezing temperatures. “Before February, we would install four to five batteries out of every ten solar systems,” he recalled. “Since then, that number has increased to six to seven out of ten.” He is excited to continue providing resilient, reliable, and sustainable energy systems that help his customers achieve energy independence.

If you are in the greater Texas area and interested in investing in your own home solar or storage system, reach out to Good Faith Energy. You’ll be in good hands.

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