Bidirectional EV charging

Integrate your EV into your Enphase Energy System.

How it works

With an Enphase bidirectional EV charger, you can power your home during an outage, earn money by sharing energy with the grid, and charge your car with the sun.

Vehicle-to-home (V2H)

Enables the EV battery to provide uninterrupted power to a home during a power outage.


Vehicle-to-grid (V2G)

Allows the EV battery to share energy with the grid to help relieve the strain on electric utilities during times of peak energy demand.


Green charging

Sends clean solar energy directly to the EV battery.


Turn any EV into a power source

The Enphase bidirectional EV charger is the next piece in creating a solar-powered, all-in-one home energy system that further unlocks electrification, resilience, savings, and control. Homeowners can manage it all with the Enphase App.

Powered by IQ Microinverters

The new bidirectional EV charger will leverage the power of Enphase grid-forming IQ8 Microinverters and Ensemble energy management technology to seamlessly integrate into Enphase home energy systems.