EV charger catalog

Enphase offers a wide array of EV chargers for residential and commercial applications.
Enphase HCS 40

Residential EV chargers

We have a wide variety of EV chargers with multiple power and installation options to support any EV driven in North America and delivering up to 61 miles per hour of charging.

Enphase HCS 80

Commercial EV chargers

Designed for commerical use, these EV chargers come in multiple power and installation options with the ability to control access, accept payments, manage loads, and more.

Holster Connector

EV charger accessories

Find EV charger accessories and equipment for your installation. From freestanding pedestals to cable management systems to mounting kits, you’ll find it here.

We go the extra mile for safety

Safety comes standard

Tested and certified by a Nationally Recognized Testing Lab (NRTL) such as UL or ETL.

Automatic circuit reclosure

In the event of a minor power fault, charging will resume automatically, if needed.

Ground fault protection

Fully automated self-testing checks for ground faults and safely shuts off charging if detected. 

Service ground monitor

Constantly checks for the presence of a proper safety ground connection.

What our EV charger owners are saying

“The entire experience was top notch. It’s not often these days you receive a great product, packaged well, and outstanding customer support! It’s the small details that impress me.”

Donny O.

“Thank you for the quality service, quick delivery, and information. Your company gets great reviews on the internet, now I see why. Also, thank you for being a part of the solution!”

Christine M.

“I saw so many of your public stations around that I decided that must be the Level 2 charger for me! Great charger and a great company. Customer service is awesome!”

Chris H.