Commissioning with Enphase

With the Enphase Installer Toolkit mobile app, it's easy to confirm that all components are connected and operating as expected.

Installer Toolkit Mobile App

Before commissioning your first Enphase system, you'll need to download Installer Toolkit from the Apple Store or Google Play and log in with your Enlighten login credentials.

Don't have an Enlighten account? Visit our Setup page to learn how to create your Enlighten account.

  1. Scan component serial number bar codes into the Envoy

  2. Connect to the Envoy with your mobile device (using AP mode)

  3. Configure the Envoy and verify system setup

  4. Connect the Envoy to the Internet

  5. Place system in Production Standby Mode


Watch the videos below for an introduction to the process. Refer to this Getting Started Guide for step-by-step prompts through the process.

Watch this pre-recorded webcast to improve your installation efficiency using the Installer Toolkit.

Scan Microinverter Barcodes

Scanning all your microinverters barcodes into the Envoy speeds up the commissioning and verification process. You won't have to wait for the Envoy to discover the microinverters, since you are populating its database with all devices using the Toolkit.

Visit the Installer Toolkit Help pages below to learn more about scanning microinverters from your paper array map.

  • Introduction to scanning microinverters

  • How to add an array to a system in Toolkit

  • How to scan with your mobile device camera

Connect to the Envoy

You'll wirelessly connect to the Envoy to complete system setup and configure production and consumption CTs. Watch one of these short video to learn how to connect to the Envoy using your mobile device and the Installer Toolkit mobile app


Connecting to Envoy in AP Mode on your iOS device
Connecting to Envoy in AP Mode on your iOS device

Learn how to place the Envoy in AP Mode and connect to the Envoy's private network using Installer Toolkit on your iOS device.

Connect to Envoy in AP Mode on your Android device
Connect to Envoy in AP Mode on your Android device

Learn how to place the Envoy in AP Mode and connect to the Envoy's private network using Installer Toolkit on your Android device.

Updating the Envoy using Installer Toolkit

Once you've connected to the Envoy with Installer Toolkit, the app will notify you if you need to update the Envoy software. It's best practice to do this before you continue with the rest of the commissioning process. This Getting Started Guide steps you through the update process using the Installer Toolkit mobile app.

Configure the Envoy and Verify System Setup

The video below demonstrates how to use the Installer Toolkit to configure the IQ Envoy.


How to Configure the Envoy-S Metered using Installer Toolkit
How to Configure the Envoy-S Metered using Installer Toolkit

Learn how to use Installer Toolkit to confirm a successful installation of Enphase Microinverters, enable meters, configure AC Batteries, set Tariff Rate Structure and connect the Envoy-S for reporting to Enlighten.

Metering Setup

If production and consumption metering is required for the system, you will have installed metering current transformers at this stage. Use the Installer Toolkit with the built-in Meter Wizard to verify the operation of and to enable the meters during the commissioning process. Watch the video below to learn how.

If you have questions about the physical installation and wiring of the metering CTs, you can find that information on the Install page.


Meter wizard
Use the Enphase Meter Wizard

The Meter Wizard will help you successfully verify and configure Enphase metering for your customers.

Connect the Envoy to the Internet

In this step-by-step Getting Started Guide, you'll learn how to connect an Envoy-S to the internet using one of four options, including the Enphase Mobile Connect cellular solution.

Running an Envoy Summary Report

Once you have confirmed that the system has been commissioned successfully, you can disconnect from the Envoy. You'll have the option to view and email a summary report with details about the installation. Watch the videos above or visit these Installer Toolkit Help pages for more information:

  • Disconnecting from the Envoy

  • Running an Envoy summary report

Enabling Production Standby Mode

Once you've verified your new system is operational, you can use the Enphase Production Standby Mode to disable power production while you await PTO. No truck roll required to power back on following PTO! (Remember the Envoy and PV solar circuits must be powered on to user Production Standby Mode!)

See our guide for more information about Production Standby Mode.

Installer app best practices for storage systems

When installing a storage site, you can follow a few quick and easy steps to allow for faster commissioning and improved turnaround times. These hygiene checks can go a long way in achieving the most efficient workflow and productivity while on site.

Storage install best practice

Troubleshooting with Installer Toolkit

This Getting Started Guide is for the on-site electrician or foreman who is responsible for verifying Enphase system operations at the install site using the Envoy-S Metered and the Enphase Installer Toolkit mobile application.


installation efficient table
Improve Installation Efficiency Using the Installer Toolkit

Want to learn more about using the Installer Toolkit? Watch this pre-recorded webcast for in-depth guidance on using the Installer Toolkit to commission your systems and improve your installation efficiency.

Questions? Contact us. We'll help you build your system, today.
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