Homeowner Hand-off

After installing and commissioning a system, Enphase helps you make a smooth and professional hand-off to the homeowner.

Awaiting Permission to Operate

At this stage, you've created a system activation for your customer's new system, you've installed the system, you've verified that everything is operational, and you're awaiting permission to operate (PTO). So what happens next?

If you have not already done so, now is a good time to build the virtual array(s) in Enlighten to match what you installed on your customer's roof. Visit our Setup page to learn more about creating and editing virtual arrays.

When PTO is received, you'll need to power the system back on. If you turned the breakers off following installation, you'll need to turn them back on. If you used the remote Production Standby Mode option, you can power on the system remotely.

When the system has been operational for 24 hours following PTO, your homeowner will receive an email with their MyEnlighten login credentials. 

Get more information on Activation Stages and the Activation Checklist here.

Homeowner Resources

Use the resources below to introduce your customers to MyEnlighten and what to expect with their new system.

Market Your Company with Enlighten

Referrals from customers are the most successful, cost-effective way of generating new business. Enlighten includes several features that help you market your company and help your customers market you! Visit our Enlighten help pages for insights

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