Enphase Setup

Use Enlighten Manager to set up your company, create and activate a system, build an array layout, and remotely monitor, manage and maintain multiple systems.

Enlighten Setup

Learn how to use Enlighten to set up all the accounts you'll need to run your business.


Set up introduction
Setup Introduction

This video will introduce you to Enlighten. We'll provide you with an overview of the two versions of Enlighten, explain how customer accounts are created, and describe how the Installer Toolkit mobile app fits into your daily workflow.

Woman intructor
Overview of Enlighten Account Structure

In this video we'll introduce you to the Enlighten account structure and the types of accounts you'll need to run your business. Once you understand how Enlighten accounts are structured, you can create the accounts you'll need.

Man on laptop
Enlighten Manager Accounts Creation

This video will explain how to create and edit company and user accounts in Enlighten Manager.

Create Systems in Enlighten

Creating a new Enphase system is easy in Enlighten. System registrations are referred to as activations in Enlighten.

Create an Activation

Review our activation help topics here, or download this Getting Started Guide to step you through the process.

Build and Edit Virtual Arrays

You will build a virtual array in Enlighten to match the array(s) you have installed on your customer's roof. The virtual array will provide your customer with a presentation of their rooftop in MyEnlighten and will provide you with critical data about where each device was installed.

Learn about how to build virtual arrays in Enlighten.

Learn how to customize the array view with a background image in Enlighten.


simple array interface
Build a simple array in Enlighten

Learn how to build a simple array in Enlighten using the Array Builder

array builder interface
Assign microinverters to an array using Array Builder

Learn how to add microinverters to a simple or complex array using Array Builder

complex array
Build a complex array in Enlighten

Learn how to build a complex array in Enlighten using the Array Builder

Monitor Your Fleet


Fleet monitoring interface
Monitoring Your Fleet with Enlighten Manager

In this pre-recorded webcast, Enlighten Manager for Customer Care, you'll learn how to use Enlighten to see exactly what your customers' see. You'll learn how to answer common customer questions using Enlighten Manager for solar installers.

Learn more about managing your fleet through Enlighten help topics here.

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