Combiner Accessories

Combiner accessories

  • Circuit breakers : Supports Eaton BR210, BR215, BR220, BR230, BR240, BR250, and BR260 circuit breakers. 
  • BRK-10A-2-240 : Circuit breaker, 2 pole, 10A, Eaton BR210 
  • BRK-15A-2-240 : Circuit breaker, 2 pole, 15A, Eaton BR215 
  • BRK-20A-2P-240 : Circuit breaker, 2 pole, 20A, Eaton BR220 
  • EPLC-01: Power line carrier (communication bridge pair), quantity 2 
  • XA-PLUG-120-3 : Accessory receptacle for Power Line Carrier in IQ Combiner 3-ES/3C-ES (required for EPLC-01)
  • XA-ENV-PCBA-3 : Replacement IQ Envoy printed circuit board (PCB) for Combiner 3-ES/3C-ES

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