The ease and reliability of Enphase, at scale.


  • Zero potential for arc-fault fires thanks to standard AC wiring.

  • Automatic and reliable shutdown with built-in rapid shutdown technology.

  • Safe in extreme weather conditions with a NEMA 6 rating.


  • Produce more power from every panel with distributed architecture.

  • Produce more power during dim light conditions with Burst Mode™ technology.

  • Produce more power over time with double-insulated microinverters.


  • Save on repairs and maintenance with incredibly low failure rates.

  • Say goodbye to urgent repairs thanks to no single point of failure.

  • Be protected for the life of the project with our standard 25-year warranty.

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IQ8 Commercial, the high-powered solution for three-phase commercial applications

Enphase IQ8P-3P and IQ8H-3P Microinverters simplify design, improve energy harvest with higher uptime, and offer true peace of mind during operation and maintenance.

Each IQ8 Microinverter pairs with a single module and integrates with the QD Cable system and IQ Gateway Commercial 2 to fully support three-phase applications.

The Enphase Installer Portal and Enphase App provide seamless monitoring and analysis of microinverter and system performance.

  • 97.5% CEC Efficiency
  • Built-in rapid shutdown
  • Support for 208V 3-phase commercial applications
  • Performance for 54, 60, 66, and 72 cell modules with full or split cell
  • Simplified three-phase cabling system
  • Corrosion resistant polymeric enclosure
  • Software-defined microinverter architecture
  • Built-in phase balancing, V/F ride-through, and loss of phase detection
  • Standard 25-year limited warranty
IQ 7+ standard perspective

IQ7+ Microinverter, the versatile solution for single and three-phase commercial applications

The IQ7+ Microinverter, with support for 60 and 72 cell modules, extends the reliability standards set forth by previous generations and undergo over a million hours of power-on testing, enabling Enphase to provide an industry-leading warranty of up to 25 years.

The IQ7+ Microinverter and Q Cable system integrates with the IQ Gateway Commercial for single phase commercial applications.

Paired with the Three Phase Network Protection Relay or IQ Gateway Commercial, the IQ7+ Microinverter and Q Cable system supports three-phase commercial applications.