APS Residential Battery Pilot

Homeowners with battery storage have two ways to earn money by participating in the Arizona Public Service (APS) Residential Battery Pilot.

Earn rebates by sharing data and power with APS

Homeowners that are new IQ Battery owners and APS residential customers can choose from two options to earn rebates—data sharing or data and power sharing. For both incentives, enrollment is a three-year commitment. Participants must be on a Time-of-Use (TOU) or grandfathered service plan with a solar rate rider and must also be connecting their battery to the grid for the first time. Customers with existing batteries are not eligible to enroll.

Data only

Homeowners can choose to share data related to their battery’s system operation to help APS learn how home energy storage can improve the grid. Eligible participants can earn a rebate of $500 for every kilowatt enrolled, up to $2,500 per home.

For example, a homeowner with one IQ Battery 10 could earn up to $1,920 from the program by granting data access. Two IQ Battery 10 units would be eligible for the maximum $2,500 rebate.

Data and power

When electricity demands in your area are high, homeowners can let APS use energy stored in their battery a limited number of times to relieve strain on the grid. APS expects these energy export events to happen up to 100 times a year. Participating homeowners are eligible for an additional $1,250 per home for a total of $3,750 in potential rebates from the program. 

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