Homeowners on National Grid, Eversource, Cape Light Compact, and Rhode Island Energy in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island can make hundreds of dollars a year with ConnectedSolutions.

Get paid to help the grid

When electricity demands are high, homeowners with IQ Batteries can choose to send their extra, stored power to the grid to help their neighbors and utilities. In return, they’ll earn cash for how much power they share with the grid. After enrolling in ConnectedSolutions, homeowners can expect these peak-demand events to happen up to 60 times a year, with participation 100% optional. Homeowners earn money based on how much energy they make available, so the more they participate, the more they’ll earn. 

Earnings by state

ConnectedSolution incentives are locked in for the next five years and vary by state, utility, and system size. Review the full breakdown of current state, utility, and season incentives for ConnectedSolutions.

Annual incentives*

  National Grid Eversource Cape Light Compact Rhode Island Energy
Massachusetts $275/kW $275/kW $275/kW n/a
Connecticut n/a $225/kW n/a n/a
Rhode Island n/a n/a n/a $400/kW


*Program information is current as of May 1, 2023. Please confirm all program details with your Enphase installer.


Enroll from the Enphase App

After a homeowner’s battery is commissioned, they can enroll in ConnectedSolutions from the Enphase App. Sign up from the “Services” page in the Enphase App “Menu” to complete an application in minutes by selecting the utility provider and state and following a few short prompts. By default, settings are configured to maximize potential earnings, with homeowners signed up to participate in every peak demand event. Reserve battery power is set to 10%.


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After enrolling, homeowners can monitor each event they participate in and see their real-time or total earnings. 


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Backup and opt-out

Homeowners can choose how much stored energy they want to make available for ConnectedSolutions, and reserve what’s left for their home energy needs during an outage. Homeowners can opt out of events anytime to reserve their energy for themselves. 


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