National Grid, Eversource, Cape Light Compact, and Rhode Island Energy customers in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island can make hundreds of dollars a year by enrolling in the ConnectedSolutions program. These utilities can create a more stable grid for everyone powered by locally generated solar power, and homeowners are able to earn extra cash for power they've already generated and stored in a battery.

How it works.

Once an Enphase battery is commissioned, homeowners may be eligible to enroll the battery in ConnectedSolutions, which will discharge the battery during “peak demand events.”

These events occur when the grid is stressed from high demand — utilities expect up to 60 of these events every year. Discharging energy during these times helps stabilize the grid all while using clean, sustainable energy.

Participating in these peak demand events is 100% optional for homeowners. But the more they participate, and the more energy they make available, the more money they can earn.

How much money to expect.

Payouts vary and are calculated with a series of inputs:

Variables include the homeowner’s state, utility, and the power of the battery. For example, a National Grid customer in Massachusetts enrolled in the current program can earn up to $275/kW, meaning that customer with one Encharge 10 battery with 3.84kW of power capability could earn up to $1,056 a year. A full breakdown of current state, utility, and season incentives for ConnectedSolutions is below, and these rates are locked in for the next five years.

Annual Incentives*

  National Grid Eversource Cape Light Compact Rhode Island Energy
Massachusetts $275/kW $225/kW $275/kW n/a
Connecticut n/a $225/kW n/a n/a
Rhode Island n/a n/a n/a $400/kW


*Program information is current as of October 01, 2021. Please confirm all program details with your Enphase installer.


Total control in the Enphase App.

Enphase designed the Enphase App to make enrollment, monitoring, and participation simple and transparent for homeowners through industry-first functionality.



After a homeowner’s battery is commissioned, the customer can enroll their battery in select programs directly in the app. Simply select the utility provider and state and follow the prompts for a quick and seamless enrollment. By default, the app is configured to maximize potential earnings. Homeowners are signed up to participate in every peak demand event, and the battery reserve power is set to 10 percent.


Screens 1

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Once participation starts, enrollees can see their earnings in real time. Homeowners can monitor every event they participated in as well as a running total of payments.


screen 2

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Backup and opt-out

Customers can also manage their participation in the program with the tap of a finger. The Enphase App lets homeowners set how much of their stored energy is available for program participation. By reserving battery capacity, homeowners can make money in ConnectedSolutions and still have reserve power in the event of a grid outage.


Screen 3

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Homeowners can also choose to opt out of any events once enrolled if they want to keep all their energy to themselves for that period. However, participating in every event maximizes potential program payout.