HECO Battery Bonus Program

Hawaiian Electric customers on Oahu with rooftop solar may now be eligible for a new incentive by adding a home battery. The utility wants to add more battery capacity onto the grid to help manage retirement of a coal plant and support Hawaii’s goal of 100 percent clean energy by 2045.

Early adopters earn more.

The first customers accepted into the Battery Bonus program will receive $850 per kilowatt of
capacity that can serve the grid during a fixed two-hour period each day. This $850 per kilowatt
incentive will decrease to $750 and $500 per kilowatt until eventually phasing out as more capacity
is added to the Oahu grid.
For example, an Encharge 10™ battery has a continuous power output of 3.84 kilowatts (kW).
Encharge 10 could, therefore, earn $3,264 from the program at $850 per kilowatt. In return for
the incentive, your Enphase Storage system would simply export energy to the grid during a
two-hour period each day (between 6 pm and 8:30 pm). This would occur automatically, and you
would keep functionality of your Enphase Storage system, including backup power.

Add more solar.

If you are an existing HECO Net Energy Metering (NEM) customer, by enrolling in the Battery Bonus program, you are also eligible to add up to an additional 5 kW of solar capacity to your roof. In Hawaii, this can reduce the overall payback period of the system by offsetting more of your electricity costs with solar, which can result in even more savings, faster for you.

Incentive amounts, enroll early to earn more.

First 15 MW ($850/kW)
Second 15 MW ($750/kW)
Last 20 MW ($500/kW)

Why Enphase Storage?

Low voltage. High safety.

Enphase Storage operates with low-voltage DC power, avoiding the dangers that come with high-voltage DC power.

Smart power.

Enphase Storage is smart enough to update itself automatically over the internet to deliver the latest software and new features

Power you can tap into.

Enphase Storage is managed by our beautifully designed app, meaning you’re just a tap away from tracking how much energy you’ve saved, managing how much energy is available for backups, and more.

Load Control.

Turn power-hungry appliances on and off automatically or manually from the Enphase app to conserve your battery life when running on backup power.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Battery Bonus?

Battery Bonus is a new program from Hawaiian Electric that pays an incentive to households that install energy storage. In return, you allow the utility to pull power from your battery to help stabilize the grid during a set two-hour high demand period each day. Enphase makes it easy for you by automating energy flow to and from the battery, so that your system performs as needed.

Who is eligible?

Any Hawaiian Electric customer on Oahu with rooftop solar and a battery is eligible.

How do I apply?

A member of the Enphase Installer Network will help you with your application. The first step is to find an installer to get an accurate quote for your home. Find an installer in your area here.

How much can I expect to earn?

The first customers accepted into the Battery Bonus program will receive $850 per kilowatt of capacity installed. For example, an Encharge 10™ unit has a continuous power output of 3.84 kilowatts (kW). Encharge 10 would, therefore, earn $3,264 from the program at $850 per kilowatt.

How much do I need to deliver during an event?

When you complete your application, you will choose your committed capacity to the program.  You must deliver that amount every day for 10 years during the assigned two-hour block.

How long am I enrolled in the program?

Enrollment is a 10-year commitment with an initial phase ending December 31, 2023, and a second, final phase continuing for the rest of the 10 years. In the first phase, customers who participate must export electricity from Enphase Storage at the committed capacity on a firm two-hour schedule as specified by Hawaiian Electric between 6 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. (for example, 6:15 p.m. to 8:15 p.m.) daily including weekends and holidays. In the second phase, customers will have the option to: (1) continue operating their battery system under the same terms or (2) move to a different program to be set by Hawaiian Electric.

Where can I find additional information?

We encourage you to visit the Hawaiian Electric Battery Bonus program website or contact a local Enphase Storage installer, who can answer your questions.

How can I ensure that I will still have backup energy if I need it?

In the case of a grid outage, Enphase Storage will remain active and will enable backup mode. However, if the grid is online, you must send your committed capacity to the grid during the two-hour period.

What if I want to leave the program later?

Customers may end participation before the 10-year commitment with a 60-day written notice to Hawaiian Electric and must repay HECO a prorated portion of the incentive.

Where can installers learn more?

Installers can learn more here.

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