PSEG Long Island

Battery Storage Rewards Program

New solar and battery storage customers on Long Island may be eligible to receive thousands of dollars in incentives for helping reduce peak demand on the grid as part of the PSEG Long Island Battery Storage Rewards Program.

The Battery Storage Rewards Program is administered by PSEG Long Island, with additional funding provided by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), that pays an incentive to households that install energy storage. In return, participating households allow PSEG Long Island to pull power from their batteries to help stabilize the grid during peak loading conditions, which occur during a four-hour period from 2:00 to 7:00 p.m. between May and September each year during the Program. Enphase makes it easy for participants by automating energy flow to and from the battery, so their system performs as needed.

All customers installing an Enphase IQ Battery paired with solar are eligible to participate in the Program.

A member of the Enphase Installer Network will help you with your application. The first step is to find an installer to get an accurate quote for your home. Find an installer in your area here.

The Program offers $250 per kWh of useable battery capacity. For example, an Enphase IQ Battery 10™ and two IQ Battery 5Ps have about has 10 kWh of useable capacity, thus earning $2,500 from the Program. Two IQ Battery 10s or four IQ Battery 5Ps would earn about $5,000, which will be discounted from the overall battery costs. This incentive is capped at $6,250 per household.

PSEG Long Island requires that participating customers discharge up to 80% of their batteries’ usable capacity during a Program event. This means an Enphase IQ Battery 10 or two IQ Battery 5Ps should discharge up to 8 kWh during a four-hour Program event. According to the PSEG Long Island website, they anticipate the events to occur about 10 times each summer to help offset peak demand.

Enrollment is a 5-year commitment, beginning on the date of acceptance into the program.

We encourage you to visit PSEG-LI Battery Storage Rewards page or contact a local installer in the Enphase Installer Network, who can answer your questions.

Conservation events will not be called before or during major storms, but in the case of a grid outage, Enphase IQ Batteries will remain active and will enable backup mode. However, if the grid is online, you must send your committed capacity to the grid during each four-hour Program event period.

No. Discharging your batteries as part of the Program will not increase your monthly utility bill, and the Program does not include any fees, riders, or other charges payable by participating customers.

It is your responsibility to make sure your usage of stored energy and your battery settings allow you to meet the 80% of total battery energy you have committed to deliver during Program events. Enphase recommends that you set your battery profile to “Full Backup” as the default to help ensure that your battery has sufficient capacity to meet your committed dispatch.

Enphase is committed to the customer experience. Participating customers can email for dedicated customer service related to the Battery Storage Rewards program or any customer service needs.