AC Modules

A perfect pairing.

Solar panels in a pile
Our AC Modules fully integrate leading solar modules and Enphase IQ Series Microinverters. We partnered with some of the biggest brands to make installations faster, easier, and more cost-effective.
Installer installing solar panels at roof
Faster installation.

Enjoy a 20%-40% reduction in installation time relative to Enphase Solar without AC Module integration. It’s fewer trips up the ladder and less waste.

Factory with solar panels on the roof
Supply chain simplicity.

With only one SKU to order, transport, and install, AC Modules save space on trucks, in the warehouse, and on the roof.

Close up on cord plugged in to the microinverter

What was already easy is now even easier with fewer connection points. Installs are cleaner with easier cable management.

Built-in reliability.

Our industry-leading 25-year microinverter limited warranty is included
in every AC Module. The same rigorous testing for microinverter
performance and reliability applies to integrated solutions.
Installer microinverter on a roof

Designed for longevity.

Enphase AC Modules use an innovative patent-pending design that allows for both compact shipping and sufficient airflow between the microinverter and PV module.

Microinverter factory workers

Tested, and then tested again.

Each solar manufacturer tests its solar modules for optimal performance and then tests them again once they are AC Modules. It’s added quality control to last the long term.