New integrated
MC4 connectors.

MC4 video cover

Updated IQ 7+ microinverters are now available.

Enphase installs just got easier with integrated MC4 connectors for IQ 7+.
Say goodbye to adapter cables and enjoy an easier workflow for your team.
No adapter cable required.

Connect solar modules directly into microinverters without an adapter cable.

Faster installation.

Simplify inventory on the truck and reduce unnecessary connections on the roof.

Maximum reliability.

Reduce the likelihood of issues down the road with fewer connections.

One less step.

Without the adapter cable, you have one less connection for every solar module. This simple update
results in fewer connections for a typical residential install and thousands less for your team over time.
It also means fewer parts that you need to carry up the ladder to the roof.
IQ7 Bulkhead adapter


IQ 7 with adapter cable (Q-DCC-2).



New IQ 7 with integrated MC4 connector and no adapter cable.

New microinverter model numbers.

During the transition phase, please refer to the graphic below to know when a Q-DCC-2 adapter cable
is required for a given microinverter. Model numbers with a “2” include the required Q-DCC-2
adapter cable, while those with an “M” have an integrated MC4 connector.

How to avoid permitting delays.

To help prevent delays with permit applications, we recommend using universal IQ 7 microinverter model numbers on permit applications. You can use an "X" in place of either the “2” or “M”. For example, "IQ7-60-X-US" or "IQ7PLUS-72-X-US".

Frequently asked questions

Where can I get data sheets for these new microinverters?

Do I still get a Q-DCC-2 adapter cable in the box?

Microinverters with integrated MC4 connectors will no longer ship with a Q-DCC-2 adapter cable as they are no longer necessary.

Do these new microinverters adhere to UL 1603 standards?

Yes. The UL 1603 standard requires that DC connectors are “like-for-like” for maximum reliability and safety. Enphase is undergoing testing for “intermatability” to maintain UL 1603 adherence. 

Are there any special installation instructions for these new micros?

There are no special instructions or details for these new microinverters with MC4 connectors. Please follow the same installation practices as outlined in the Enphase installation manual.

When will these new microinverters be available?

We are gradually transitioning IQ 7 series microinverters to these new designs. IQ 7+ will be the first to transition to an integrated MC4 connector, followed by the IQ 7 and IQ 7A. We expect all IQ 7 series microinverters to be updated in the first quarter of 2022.

What are the product numbers of the MC4 microinverters?

The table below lists SKU numbers for existing microinverters (with adapter cables) and their equivalent with integrated MC4 connectors.

Exisiting product # New product #
IQ7-60-2-US IQ7-60-M-US
IQ7Plus-72-2-US IQ7Plus-72-M-US
IQ7A-72-2-US IQ7A-72-M-US


Can you mix and match microinverters with and without integrated MC4 connectors?

Yes, you can mix and match microinverters as long as they are the same product line. For example, an IQ 7+ with an integrated MC4 connector can be combined with an IQ 7+ that still uses a Q-DCC-2 adapter. Note that the permit should use an “X” in place of either the “2” or “M” as stated above to avoid any inspection issues.

Is there a cost difference between the two microinverter types?

No, there is no price difference between the two types.

Will an installer have reduced cable slack to connect to a solar module lead cable?

Because we are eliminating the external bulkhead adapter, there is slightly less total cable. However, the impact should be minimal as module leads are typically 1.2 to 1.8 meters in length.

Will existing micros with adapter cables be phased out completely?

Yes, all microinverters will eventually have integrated MC4 connectors. We are gradually transitioning each inverter in a phased manner over the next year.