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Changes and improvements in software updates
Enphase App release notes (23.7.0)
October 19, 2023

What’s new

For all Enphase App users:

  1. Introduced a Profile page and redesigned the Battery page

    The Profile page [Menu > Settings > Profile] offers functionality to enable Storm Guard and select one of the three system profiles [Self-Consumption, Savings, and Full Backup].1

    The Battery page [Menu > Settings > Battery] now includes the Charge battery from the grid and Battery shutdown level settings.2

  2. Revamped public view

    The public view allows Enphase Energy System owners to share their system stats with others. We have improved this public view to match the Enphase App's design. The public page can be easily enabled by system owners [Menu > My Information > Create a public page for my system]. Click here to learn more about this feature.

  3. Added a new Owner’s Guide for systems with an IQ Battery 5P

    The new Owner’s Guide is now available for Enphase Energy Systems with an IQ Battery 5P. This guide explains the components of the system and the ways to monitor and manage the system using the Enphase App.


What’s fixed

For all Enphase App users:

  1. Improved messaging for when microinverters exhibit low solar production.

  2. Added events to the Event History section of the app to better communicate when IQ Gateway connectivity is updated or changed.

  3. Fixed the Grid Status indicator on the Status page so users with backup capabilities no longer see the loader.

  4. Resolved the issue where the Reports were not sent to the user after generating.

Enphase App release notes (mobile 3.8.1)
October 2, 2023

What’s new

For all Enphase App users in North America, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom:

  1. Introduced capabilities for configuring an IQ Gateway’s Wi-Fi via Bluetooth

For systems that include an IQ Battery 5P, you can now configure the IQ Gateway’s Wi-Fi connection from a mobile device via Bluetooth. This allows for a smoother setup experience.

Enphase App release notes (23.6.0)
September 3, 2023

What’s new

For all Enphase App users: 

1. Added in-app notifications for users experiencing a reduction in the frequency of data updates

When the Enphase system detects low Wi-Fi bandwidth, it switches the connection type to cellular. We now display an in-app notification that states there will be a reduction in the frequency of data updates.

A screenshot of a phone

Description automatically generated


What’s fixed

For all Enphase App users: 

  1. Resolved an issue that caused systems to be stuck in the Full Backup profile even after a Storm Guard alert ended.

  2. Resolved incorrect logic that caused the IQ Battery’s reserve capacity to default to 30% when it was set below 10%.

  3. Updated the Energy Performance metric displayed in the monthly email to align with what was chosen within the app, i.e., Energy Independence or Grid Dependence.

  4. Improved messaging when IQ Microinverters report an error in the Enphase App.

Enphase App release notes (23.5.0)
August 8, 2023

What’s new

For all Enphase App users:

  1. Panel information on the Devices page

    We now display panel information on the Devices page within the Microinverters section, including Manufacturer, Model, and Power Rating at STC. This information will only be displayed if your installer adds panel information.


For Enphase App users in Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Poland, and the United Kingdom:

  1. Added an Explore section

    Users can now learn more about Enphase products and news in the Explore section of the app. This section can be accessed by navigating to Menu > Explore.

What’s fixed

For all Enphase App users:

  1. Improved app load times.

  2. Fixed inaccurate data displayed on the Live Status page.

  3. Resolved issues associated with changing the system profile for newly installed systems.

  4. Fixed a problem that caused the Enphase App to sometimes open in the wrong default language when it was first launched.

Enphase App release notes (23.4.0)
July 7, 2023

What’s new

1. Added support link in the Generator mode section

To address questions for systems that include generators, a new “Learn about Generator Modes” support article is now linked on the Generator page.

2. Added more product names to the Devices page

On the Device page, we now display the product name associated with the IQ Batteries and IQ System Controller, similar to what is displayed currently for IQ Microinverters. As an example, instead of just specifying the battery as an IQ Battery, it is now displayed as an IQ Battery 5P.

Enphase App screen shot

What’s fixed

1. Standardized Load Control icons across the app.

2. Aligned the subject line of the report email with the names in the Report section of the app.


Enphase App release notes (server 23.3.0)
June 9, 2023

What’s new

  1. Added ability to customize Energy Performance card view

    The Energy Independence metric on the Status and Energy pages is now back. Users can toggle between Grid Dependence and Energy Independence. This toggle can be found by navigating to Settings > Performance > Energy or by clicking on the Energy Performance card’s information button.



  2. Added on-demand Monthly Report summary

    All users can now trigger a Monthly Report email on the Reports page for any month. This report will generate the chosen monthly email along with a CSV file with 15-minute interval data. This feature can be accessed by navigating to Menu > Reports > Monthly Energy Report.



What’s fixed

  1. Reduced the spacing of the arrows on the Live Status page.

  2. Included the addition of Storm Alert extensions on the Energy graph.

  3. Updated the color of the Generated text to purple when looking at the 15-minute incremental data on the Energy page.

  4. Aligned the Energy page diagram icons with the text.

  5. Reduced app load times.

Enphase Installer Portal release notes (23.2.1)
April 20, 2023

What’s fixed

  1. Updated the timestamps on the View tab of the Systems page to incorporate local time instead of UTC when displaying System Power.

  2. Fixed the CT polarity flipping feature on the Meter page.

  3. Added a link to the Installer Locator on the Registration page. 

Enphase App release notes (server 23.2.1)
April 11, 2023

What’s fixed

  1. Aligned the arrows on the Status page.

  2. Updated the net energy values on the Energy page diagram to match the values displayed on the performance cards.

  3. Fixed an error that temporarily displayed zeros on the Energy page when the page was refreshed.

Enphase App release notes (server 23.2.0)
March 27, 2023

What’s new

  1. Updated Enphase App UI
    We have updated many of the UI components, text, and system performance cards across the Enphase App. Updates have been made to the Status, Live Status, Energy, Settings, and Devices pages.



    Energy page 1.1.png
  2. Added custom reports
    Homeowners can now generate customized reports for a specific time period.
    This feature can be accessed by navigating to: Menu > System > Reports > Custom Report (in the dropdown).

    Custom report


What’s fixed

  1. Added a button to view the Live Status in the System page for PV-only sites.

  2. Fixed reliability of batteries charging from the grid based on user selections.

Enphase App release notes (server 23.1.0)
January 31, 2023

What’s new

  1. Scheduling feature for grid charging of batteries
    We added a new feature that allows homeowners to schedule battery charging from the grid.

    Grid agnostic systemGrid tied


  2. High reserve setting warning
    Batteries were not discharging in the event of an outage. This was because the batteries were in Savings Mode or Self-Consumption mode and at 100% reserve state of charge. To help prevent this issue, we have added a warning when you set the reserve level too high.

    High Reserve


  3. Custom reports
    Homeowners can generate customized reports for a specific time frequency.

    custom reports


  4. Energy Independence renamed to Grid Dependence
    Instead of a metric for Energy Independence, the Enphase App now displays a new metric called Grid Dependence. Grid Dependence measures your system’s dependence on the grid.

    Formula for Grid Dependence: (imported energy / consumed energy) × 100



  5. Energy page UI update
    We updated the Energy page UI by making it more symmetrical and by improving the verbiage.

    Old and NewOld and New verbiage


What’s fixed

  1. Fixed reliability of battery profile selection.

  2. Improved load times for both the Status and Energy pages.

Enphase App release notes (mobile 3.7.1)
January 27, 2023

What’s new

The following new feature is added in the Enphase App 3.7.1 release:

Ability to delete your account

We’ve introduced a new function that enables you to delete your Enphase account directly from the Enphase App. This offers you the highest degree of control over your account information and protects your privacy. Important things to consider before deleting your account:

  • Deleting your account deactivates the account and removes certain personal information associated with your account.

  • Deleting your account does not remove data related to the Enphase system.

  • Enphase retains some information related to your deactivated account to ensure support and warranty assistance.

  • If you wish to return to the Enphase App, you can reset your password and reactivate your Enphase account.

If you have an Enphase system and you would like to delete your Enphase account:

  1. Tap “Menu” in the navigation bar.

  2. Tap “Account.”

  3. Tap “Delete Account.” You will receive a warning pop-up that prompts you to authenticate your delete action before deleting your account.

Enphase App release notes (server 22.6.0)
December 30, 2022

New features

  1. Reduced load time in Live Status and Event History:

    We have significantly reduced load time for Event History and Live Status. To view Event History in the Enphase App:

    1. Tap “Menu” in the navigation bar

    2. Tap “System” and choose “Event History”

  2. Improved homeowner reporting for system errors:

    When an error occurs for either the IQ Battery or the IQ System Controller, we now display a phone number to contact Enphase Support.

What’s fixed

  1. Some of the FAQ articles were incorrectly directed to untranslated versions. These articles now direct to the correct local language.

  2. You might have observed that the generator values were not displayed in the visualization on the Energy tab in the app. That is fixed, and now correctly shows the generator contribution in consumption.

  3. Fixed an error that accidentally displayed the battery graph for some Solar Only users who have consumption monitors installed.

Enphase App release notes (server 22.5.4)
November 29, 2022

What’s fixed:

  1. The recent Hurricane Ian revealed an error leading to Storm Guard alerts ending too early. We have increased reliability for Storm Guard by expanding the way our system calculates active storm alerts. For more information about Storm Guard click here.

  2. You might have observed an issue while granting system access to other users from the app. We have fixed that to ensure you can grant access seamlessly.

    To grant access to new users:

    1. Tap on "Menu" in the navigation bar.

    2. Click on "Account" and go to "My Access Control."

Enphase App release notes (server 22.5.0)
October 20, 2022

What’s New

This update introduces new features, along with some improvements, that focus on homeowners' day-to-day conveniences and improve overall ease of use.

New Features

  1. Enphase app system tutorials

    We added a new section called "Know Your System" which includes content related to how to use your Enphase app and system.

    To access the tutorials,

    1. Tap on “Menu” in the navigation bar

    2. Select “System” and click on “Know Your System”

  2. Electricity Rate changes

    We added more granularity to the start and end times of tariffs. Users can now input their rate plans more accurately with 15-minute increments.

    To update Electricity rate manually,

    1. Tap on “Menu” in the navigation bar

    2. Select “Settings” and click on “Electricity Rate”

    3. Click on “Import Rate” and choose “Manual”

  3. Set a schedule to charge your battery from grid

    For grid tied battery system users in France, we added the option to schedule charging their batteries from the grid.

    To schedule when to charge your batteries from grid

    1. Tap on “Menu” in the navigation bar

    2. Select “Settings” and click on “Battery”

    3. Go to advanced settings and toggle “Charge battery from grid”


What’s fixed:

  1. Updated log-in message for inactive users

    For users with inactive Enphase accounts who are trying to log-in to the app, we updated the text to show users the account’s inactivity and to contact their installers to resolve the issue.

Enphase App release notes (server 22.4.2)
September 16, 2022

What’s Fixed

  1. Battery settings are not correct

    For homeowners with grid tied battery systems, you might have noticed your default battery reserve not setting reliably. We have fixed this issue.

  2. Electricity rate changing when battery settings are changed

    You might have observed electricity rates changing when battery settings are changed. We have fixed this issue and electricity rates will change only when you update them.

Enphase App release notes (server 22.4.0)
August 10, 2022

What’s New

This update introduces new features, along with some improvements, that focus on homeowners' day-to-day conveniences and improve overall ease of use.

New Features

  1. In-app messaging & PUSH notification enhancements during grid outage

    For homeowners with IQ System Controller, we have made the support page for best practices during outage more accessible in the pop-up that comes on status page next to grid status. To intimate you regarding the grid outage in all possible ways, we will by default send a push, text and email if you haven’t already set your preferences.

    To learn how to stay powered during grid outage,

    1. Look for your grid status in the Status page

    2. If you are Off Grid, click on the “info-icon” next to the grid status

    3. To access the support article, tap on “Learn More”


  2. Energy Independence calculation: clarifications and explanation added

    For homeowners with consumption meters, we have added clarification that Energy Independence is different from Net Metering to avoid confusion

    To learn about Energy Independence click on the info icon next to Energy Independence value on the Status page


    Refer to this article, What does my ‘Energy Independence’ score mean?, to learn more about Energy Independence. To access this article from your Enphase App

    1. Click on “Menu” in the navigation bar

    2. Select “Support” and tap on “Browse all FAQs”

    3. Click on “Energy Independence score”

  3. Storm Guard Enhancements

    For homeowners with batteries, Storm Guard has been upgraded to fix tracking problems that may have caused unexpected transitions from Full Backup mode to other modes, even when a storm or other emergency event is still ongoing.


What’s fixed:

  1. Live Status Stability

    You might have observed that sometimes Live Status in your app is unstable. We have fixed that and improved the stability of Live Status

  2. Automatic reset of Export Rate

    For homeowners with multiple gateways and with atleast one gateway having lower software version (<6.0.0) you might have noticed that your export electricity rate gets reset. We have fixed it and now your Export Rate will not be reset after you enter.

Enphase App release notes (server 22.3.0)
June 8, 2022

What’s New

This update introduces new features, along with some improvements, that focus on homeowners' day-to-day conveniences and improve overall ease of use.

New features

  1. New Warning message

    If any devices stop reporting to your system normally, you’ll now see a new warning message that indicates there’s an issue on the home screen, and in your notifications. If the issue persists, the Enphase App will alert you with an error message to contact your Installer. Also, we have updated the status to normal, warning and error

    combained @2x.png

  2. Enlighten emails are now Enphase emails

    You will now receive emails from Enphase instead of Enlighten for all communications regarding your system.

  3. Explore Enphase section updated

    We have added new video content to educate you more about Enphase products and capabilities. To go into Explore Enphase section

    1. Select ‘Menu’ from the navigation bar in the app

    2. Tap on ‘Explore’


What’s Fixed

  1. Autofill not working for Grid toggle verification

    For some iOS users, autofill was not working for the grid toggle verification code. This has been fixed, and the Enphase App will automatically fill in the four-digit verification code if the screen is open when the text is sent.

  2. Live Status is incorrect when the grid status is unknown

    Now, any time the grid status is unknown, Live Status will display an error message to alert you that it may not be loading correctly due to communication loss with System controller

  3. Live Status energy flow incorrect during a grid service event

    Now, whenever you have an active grid services event, you will now be able to view the correct energy flow for your home.

  4. Load Control display issues in Live Status

    For homeowners with Load Control, we’ve improved the overall clarity, readability, and performance of the data.

  5. Grid toggle available during grid outage

    Issue with grid toggle during outage has been fixed and and now when there is a grid outage an alert is displayed, and the toggle is disabled until the grid becomes available.

  6. Electricity rate graph displays incorrectly

    Off-peak and peak rate graph colors are no longer loading as identical colors.

Enphase App release notes (server 22.2.0)
March 30, 2022

New Features

This update introduces new features, along with some improvements, that focus on homeowners' day-to-day conveniences and improve overall ease of use.

  1. All changes to Settings are listed in Event history

    Anytime you change a setting like a load control, your battery profile, or change your electricity rate, it will now be logged in your Event History.

    To view your logs,

    1. Tap on ‘Menu’ in the navigation bar

    2. Click on ‘System’ and then ‘Event History’

    combained 1@3x.png
  2. Storm Guard notification updates

    When Storm Guard is enabled and there are multiple or consecutive storm alerts in your area, your system will stay in Full Backup mode and send you a single battery profile change notification instead of multiple.

  3. System specific troubleshooting steps for IQ Gateway

    If your IQ Gateway is disconnected from Wi-Fi and no longer has connectivity, the Enphase App will automatically prompt you with troubleshooting steps that are specific to your system configuration.

    Notices – 2.png

What’s Fixed

  1. Grid Toggle disabled due to stuck software update

    For a small number of homeowners, the option to toggle their grid connection on and off was disabled due to a false report of a software update in progress. This has been resolved and is reporting normally.

  2. Removed Savings mode

    We’ve updated the list of battery profiles to reflect what’s available for your region and have removed Savings mode for Germany and Belgium sites.

Enphase App release notes (mobile 3.6.0)
February 10, 2022
What’s New

To access new features, make sure your app is up to date in the App Store or Google Play.

New Feature

  1. Connect to your system without connectivity

    Even if your cell phone doesn’t have service or Wi-Fi, you can now connect to your system via your Gateway's local Wi-Fi network to continue monitoring its performance. Your phone will automatically try to connect locally anytime you open live status and will also walk you through any necessary steps if it cannot. Click here to learn more about this feature. This feature is available only if your system has IQ Gateway (or Envoy S) and your gateway software version is greater than 6. 

    combained copy 2@2x-fgf.png


  1. AP Mode stability improvements

    When reconnecting your Gateway, formerly known as Envoy, to your home Wi-Fi via AP mode, we’ve improved the stability to prevent iOS devices from being disconnected.

Enphase App release notes (server 22.1.0)
February 7, 2022
New Features

This update introduces new features, along with some improvements, that focus on homeowners' day-to-day conveniences and improve overall ease of use. 

  1. Enphase product naming updates

    We’ve recently updated the names of our current product and services lineup to better reflect our system’s user-friendly design. You’ll find the same industry-leading products under the following names on our website and in the Enphase App:

    1. Encharge is now IQ Battery

    2. Enpower is now IQ System Controller

    3. Envoy is now Gateway

    combained copy 6@2x.png
  2. Enphase font update

    We’ve updated the font on our app for readability and to more closely reflect our website.

  3. Off Grid low charge notification updates

    For homeowners with batteries, we are introducing enhanced battery charge updates. Instead of receiving reserve charge level notifications while you’re disconnected from the grid, you’ll only receive updates when the charge level drops below 50% and 30%.

  4. Battery charge display updates

    To help make it clearer when your system is operating off grid, the battery icon will now display yellow in the Status and Live Status pages. When your grid connection is restored, the battery icon will change back to green.

    My Notifications – 4
  5. Load Control Notifications

    For homeowners with Load Control, we are introducing load status communications. You can now customize push, email, and text notifications for Load Control.

    To customize your Load Control Notification preferences

    1. Tap “Menu” in the navigation bar in the app

    2. Select “Account and then tap “My Notifications”

    3. Select “Alerts” to view load control alerts preferences

    My Notifications – 3.png
  6. Grid Charging is now listed in Event history

    For homeowners with Batteries, we are adding Grid charging in the Event history. You can now see a log of when you've changed your preferences for battery charging from grid or solar.

    To go to Event History

    1. Tap “Menu” in the navigation bar in the app

    2. Select “System” and then tap on “Event History” to view Grid charging

  7. Sunlight Backup System - Grid Control tips

    For homeowners with Sunlight Backup, we have added Grid control tips. We’ve added some more information about how grid control works, and alert you if your home is using more energy than your system is producing if you try to go Off Grid.

    To learn more about Grid Control:

    1. Tap on “Menu” in the navigation bar in the app

    2. Select Settings and then tap the “information icon “next to Grid Control to view the tool tip. The alert will automatically display if needed when you toggle grid control on or off.

    combained copy 5@2x.png
  8. Generator Notifications

    For homeowners with Generator, we are introducing generator notifications. You can now customize push, email, and text notifications.

    To customize your Generator notifications 

    1. Tap “Menu” in the navigation bar in the app

    2. Select “Account and then tap “My Notifications”

    3. Click on “Alerts” to view Generator alerts preferences

    My Notifications – 2.png
  9. New languages supported in the Enphase app

    You can now view the app in Portuguese or Polish.

    To change the language of the app,

    1. Select ‘Menu’ from the navigation bar

    2. Select ‘Accounts’ and then tap ‘My Information’

    Account_Personal Informations – 1.png
What’s Fixed
  1. Charge from Grid is not saving

    The issue for some homeowners with a battery with the charge from grid setting not saving when making multiple changes has been fixed.

  2. Showing Battery reserve option level without a System Controller

    The issue for some homeowners with a battery that reported seeing a reserve charge level option without a System Controller has been fixed.

  3. Expired referral Eligibility

    The referral eligibility period has been updated from December 31, 2021 to end December 31, 2022.

Enphase App release notes (server 21.10.0)
December 13, 2021
What’s New

This update introduces four new features, along with three improvements, that focus on homeowners' day-to-day conveniences and improve overall ease of use.

  1. Load controller enhancements

    We have updated load control in the settings and to help you quickly view information about each load configured in your system, we’ve added details to your Live Status, Devices and Live Vitals pages. You can also always find load information and make adjustments from the ‘Settings’ page in the ‘Menu’.

    1. Updated load control in settings

      You can now choose from Basic, Scheduled, Advanced and Manual when selecting a mode for loads. Scheduled allows you to keep loads powered during a selected time frame. Advanced allows you to keep loads powered when the battery charge is above a reserve level.

      1. To view your loads in the live status page, tap ‘Live Status’ on your home screen,

      2. Loads-a-new.png
      3. To view loads under Devices

        1. Select ‘Menu’ from the navigation bar in the app

        2. Select ‘System’ and then ‘Devices’

        3. Tap ‘loads’ to view more details about loads

      4. To view loads under Live Vitals

        1. Select ‘Menu’ from the navigation bar in the app

        2. Select ‘System’ and then ‘Live Vitals’

  2. Electricity rate improvements

    We’ve made a number of improvements to the electricity rate page to make understanding and viewing your rate details a little easier. Go to ‘Menu’, then tap ‘Settings’ and ‘Electricity Rate’ to get started.

    1. New Electricity Rate Quick Guide

      Use the Electricity Rate Quick Guide to learn more about why adding your electricity rate helps you maximize savings on your utility bill. We’ll also show you how to use autofill to add your rate or enter it manually.

      To access the tutorial

      1. Select ‘Menu’ from the navigation bar in the app

      2. Select ‘Settings’ and then ‘Electricity Rate’

      3. Tap on ‘Tell me about adding an electricity rate’ to get started

    2. Electricity rate FAQ

      View common questions and answers about adding electricity import and export rates, like how we use your rate or why your utility may not be listed.

    3. Itemized electricity rates are now available

      After adding your electricity rate, you can now view an itemized breakdown of your kilowatt hour cost to help you verify the consolidated number against your electric bill.

    4. Historic rates are now available

      When adding your electricity rate, you can now view and select a historic tariff name or code. When adding your import or export rate, tap ‘Tariff Name/Code’, and then scroll to the bottom of the list. Tap Historic Rates to search or browse the full list of rates available for your utility.

  3. Data upload notification

    When your system reconnects to the internet after being offline for an extended period of time, it can take some time to upload and refresh your data. If this happens, we’ll display a message on your home screen to let you know your system is working on it.

  4. Explore Enphase refresh

    We’ve updated the content in the Explore section of the Enphase app with new articles, videos, stories and more. Go to 'Menu' and tap on 'Explore'. This feature is available only for systems in North America.

What’s Fixed
  1. Energy graph view is now persistent

    You might have observed that the energy graph defaulted back to just showing consumption and produced values. We have now fixed this, and once you choose which energy values to see in your graph those will remain persistent till you change again.

  2. Live Status stability improvements

    You might have faced some issues connecting your Envoy to live status. With this fix, you can now view the live status with faster connection and improved performance

  3. Energy graph now accounts for daylight savings

    When daylight savings occurs you might noticed a discontinuous energy graph. With this fix, you can now view a smooth energy graph when day light savings transition occurs

Enphase App release notes (server 21.8.1)
September 28, 2021
What’s New

This update introduces three new features, along with two improvements, that focus on homeowners' day-to-day conveniences and improve overall ease of use.

New features:

  1. New Battery Profile Quick Guide

    For homeowners with Encharge battery, we are introducing a new Battery Profile Quick to call Guide. This quick guide suggests a profile based on the goals you choose for your energy system — savings on your electric bill, self-powering your home with clean energy or staying prepared for an outage. You can also browse through more detailed descriptions of each profile to learn more.

    To learn more about the three profiles:

    1. Select ‘Menu’ from the navigation bar in the app

    2. Select ‘Settings’ and then ‘battery

    3. Tap ‘Help me choose a profile’ and then ‘learn more about profiles’ to get started.


    To find the right battery profile for you home needs:

    1. Select ‘Menu’ from the navigation bar in the app

    2. Select ‘Settings’ and then ‘battery

    3. Tap ‘Help me choose a profile’ and then ‘Find the right profile’ to get started.

  2. What’s New

    Quick summaries of what changed in your latest software updates are now available in the ‘What’s New’ section of the app.

    To view this information:

    1. Select ‘Menu’ from the navigation bar in the app

    2. Select App Information

    3. Select What's New to view the software updates

  3. Explore Enphase from the app

    Customers that don’t own an Enphase product can now learn more about Enphase products and how to build their energy system.

    1. Estimate your energy requirements and order an Enphase system

    2. Learn more about Enphase products

    Download the app and create an account to get started.


  1. Delayed or unsent production updates

    You may have noticed that updates on your energy system production status were delayed and didn’t send immediately after detecting an issue. Production updates will now automatically send once a day to ensure you always have the latest updates on your energy system.

  2. Battery profile displaying incorrectly

    As Homeowners with battery, you may have noticed your battery profile displayed incorrectly in the app after asking an Installer to change it. We've improved this process moving forward so that the Enphase app always gets the latest status directly from your Envoy device.

Enphase App release notes (server 21.7.1)
August 16, 2021
What’s new?

This update introduces five new features, along with two improvements, that focus on homeowners' day-to-day conveniences and improve overall ease of use.  

New Features:  

  1. New system notifications

    Stay up to date and get messages in real-time if a problem is detected. Receive Information, Error and Alert notifications depending on system type, via push, text or email.     

    Know more 

    To view and adjust your notification preferences: 

    1. Select ‘Menu’ from the navigation bar in the app 

    2. Select Account and then My Notifications

    3. View and adjust your preferences

      MicrosoftTeams-image (1).png

    Note: This feature will roll out in phases to all homeowners over the coming weeks.

  2. Grid transition verification code, via text messages

    Homeowners with an Enphase Battery Storage System can now receive their verification code via text in addition to email to confirm they'd like their system to operate in Off Grid mode. If the mobile number isn’t updated, the app will ask for confirmation the next time the homeowner chooses to disconnect their system from the grid.     

    To use this feature:

    1. Select ‘Menu’ from the navigation bar in the app 

    2. Select Settings 

    3. Toggle between On Grid and Off Grid with Grid Control 

      MicrosoftTeams-image (4).png

  3. Improved device information

    Now, for all Enphase devices including microinverters, the current firmware version and last updated time will be displayed on the device detail page in the app.   

    To view this information:

    1. Select ‘Menu’ from the navigation bar in the app 

    2. Select System and then Devices

    3. Select Microinverters to view the device information, including firmware version and when it was last updated. 

      MicrosoftTeams-image (2).png

  4. New monthly energy report

    You can now enjoy an easier to read, more informative monthly energy report email. The new layout includes summary details and key insights into your system’s health and productivity.

    Know more

    MicrosoftTeams-image (7).png
  5. Updated account management emails  

    We’ve refreshed the design and functionality delivered via these emails, including password reset, account unlock, new email address confirmation, and consumption access requests.



  1. False charge below reserve notification

    Some homeowners with an Enphase Storage system may have received a false notification that its charge was below the reserve level while Storm Guard was active, even though its actual charge was close to 100% . This has since been corrected, and homeowners will now receive the accurate reserve level notifications

  2. Inconsistent grid connection status on some screens  

    Some homeowners with an Enphase Storage system may have noticed that on the Status page of their app, their system was showing as ‘On Grid’ but ‘Unknown’ on the settings page in the Grid Control feature. We’ve resolved this to now display the correct grid connection status on all screens.

Enphase App release notes (server 21.6.1)
June 21, 2021
What’s new?

Here are four new features that place even more power in the palm of your hand.

  1. Enable/Disable your battery charging from grid

    Today batteries are charged from the grid only in critical scenarios. We are now giving you an option to enable the battery charging from the grid for other scenarios as well. By default, the option will be disabled, and batteries will charge only from solar. If enabled, batteries will charge from the grid when your battery is in Full Backup mode or when battery charge is below the reserve capacity Savings or Self-Consumption modes.

    Know more

    To use this feature, do the following:

    1. On the navigation bar of the Enlighten mobile application, click Menu.

    2. Select Battery to view the Battery screen.

    3. Select Advanced Settings on the top right of the screen.

    4. Enable “Charge battery from the grid toggle”.

      Step 1: From the Battery screen, Tap Advanced Settings icon

      1 .png

      Step 2: Toggle the "change battery from grid" button.

      2 .png

      Step 3:  Confirm by ticking the check-box and tapping "Enable".


      Step 4: Grid charging will be enabled.

      3 .png

  2. Redesigned Banner communications

    We update you on the various app updates and critical alerts through the in-app banners. Our newly designed banners will help the updates from us reaching to you in a more engaging manner.

    Banners, after dismissed, will be present in Notices until they expire.

    Load control.png

  3. Enphase now supports Storage only sites for backup 

    The view for Storage only Ensemble sites [Storage sites not having microinverters] has been redesigned and updated to make it useful for you

    system normal.png

  4. Reserve Battery charge to be preserved for the previous battery mode

    We want to make your life easy. So, when battery modes are changed from Savings or Self-Consumption to other modes, the reserve charge levels are now preserved.

Enphase App release notes (server 21.5.1)
May 10, 2021

What's New

Energy Independence setting for Savings Mode

We are introducing a new Energy Independence setting under Savings Mode. This new option under Savings Mode further reduces reliance on the energy grid after peak hours, lowering monthly utility bills for homeowners as they transition to 100% energy independence.

When this new Savings Mode setting is turned on by the homeowner, their Enphase system will start to take full advantage of all available battery power, around the clock, 24/7. For those homeowners who prefer to reserve some battery power for emergencies, this feature can be toggled off. (It initially defaults to ‘off.’)

This feature is under the process of rollout in Q2.

Text notification for critical alerts
Enphase App release notes (server 21.4.1)
April 12, 2021
What’s new?

Here are four new features that place even more power in the palm of your hand.

  1. Text message notifications

    Backup power is critical during an outage. Our all-new text messages alert you when the grid goes down or is back up. Now, you can swing into action as soon as the grid goes down to ensure you have backup power when you need it the most.

    To ensure you receive these text messages, register your mobile number on the Enlighten app as follows:

    1. On the navigation bar of the Enlighten mobile application, click Menu.

    2. Select Account to view the Account dialog box.

    3. Select My Information and enter your mobile phone number in the Mobile field.

    4. Click Save Changes.

    Text notification for critical alerts
  2. Enhanced app menu

    A good mobile app is always intuitive. That's why the menu has a new tile layout that helps you find what you need quickly. You’ll notice that we've also simplified the navigation by reducing the options under each menu item. Now, you can find all Account settings under My Information, My Notification, and My Access. 

    Text notification for critical alerts
  3. Battery prioritization

    The Savings Mode of the Enphase Storage system helps you avoid using electricity from the grid during peak hours when your electricity cost is higher. Here’s how the new enhancement to this mode can help:

    • During peak hours, your home is powered by the battery as a first choice, solar as the second choice, and the grid as the third choice. Any excess solar not used by your home gets exported to the grid.

    • During off-peak hours, your battery charges from the solar to get ready for peak hours. Your home consumption comes from excess solar.

    • Electricity gets imported from the grid when your home needs more power than solar can provide.

    In this mode, your battery reserves some energy to power your home during an outage. You can change the reserve from the battery settings page.

    Use this mode to save on your electricity bill.

    Know more

  4. Redesigned email notifications

    Email alerts should be worthy of your time. That’s why our new e-mails notify you of a system error or alert, and a lot more. You get recommendations, updates on exciting discussions in the Enphase Community, metrics such as site ID, and links to support, all in one email.

    Text notification for critical alerts

    To ensure that you receive these emails, do the following:

    1. On the navigation bar of the Enlighten mobile application, click Menu.

    2. Select Account to view the Account screen.

    3. Select My Notifications to view the My Notifications screen.

    4. Enable Notify me about system production or service-related issues checkbox.

    5. Click Save Changes.

    Text notification for critical alerts

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