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Technical specifications and features of products and services
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Product documentation on compliance with standards and criteria
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Changes and improvements in software updates
IQ8 Series Microinverters firmware version release notes (2.48.01)
November 23, 2023

Firmware release: Version 2.48.01 
Supported microinverters: All IQ8 Series Microinverters (IQ8, IQ8+, IQ8M, IQ8A, IQ8H-240, and IQ8H-208) 
Geographies: USA, Canada, and Mexico

Release notes: 





Upgraded DC input specification, making IQ8 microinverters more suitable for modules with higher current 

  1. Maximum continuous DC current increased to 12A (previously 10.6A) 

  1. Wider operating voltage range 16V – 58V (previously 25V- 58V) 

  1. Improved power tracking with wider MPPT voltage range 

  1. Start-up voltage lowered to 22V (previously 30V) 


Improvements and compliance updates

  • Compliant with IEEE 1547:2018

  • Improved firmware to handle weak AC grids


All new IQ8 Microinverters installed after the rollout will be auto-upgraded to this new firmware, version 2.48.01.

Use the updated Enphase compatibility calculator to determine the electrical compatibility of PV modules with the Enphase IQ Microinverters.

All IQ8 Series Microinverter documentation has been updated with the new specifications outlined above. Visit the documentation center to view these technical documents.

Frequently asked questions
Can the IQ System Controller be upgraded to support IQ8 Series Microinverters?

No. Only the IQ System Controller 2 and IQ System Controller 3 have the hardware to support IQ8 Series Microinverters.

Are there any special installation instructions for microinverters with integrated MC4 connectors?

There are no special instructions for microinverters with integrated MC4 connectors. Please follow the same installation practices as outlined in the Enphase installation manual.

What is the limited warranty period for IQ8 Series Microinverters?

IQ8 Series Microinverters come with a 25-year limited warranty in North America.

Can IQ8 Series Microinverters operate with the IQ Battery deployed in the field?

Yes. IQ8 microinverters can operate with all 4 SKUS of IQ Battery i.e., IQ Battery 3, IQ Battery 10, IQ Battery 3T, and IQ Battery 10T.

Are the IQ8P-3P and IQ8H-3P high-power three-phase residential versions of the IQ8 series microinverters?

No, the IQ8P-3P and IQ8H-3P constitute a separate commercial product line designed specifically for three-phase installations only. The IQ8 Commercial Microinverters feature an entirely different form factor and mounting bracket and are only compatible with the three-phase QD Cable and IQ Commercial Gateway 2. IQ8 series microinverters used for residential purposes are only compatible with single/split-phase systems utilizing Enphase Q Cable and IQ Gateway.

What is different in IQ8 Series Microinverters compared with earlier IQ Series Microinverters?

Enphase IQ8 Microinverters are the industry’s first grid-forming microinverters. The brain of the semiconductor-based microinverter is our proprietary application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) which enables the microinverter to operate in grid-tied or off-grid modes. This chip is built in advanced 55nm fab technology with high-speed digital logic and has super-fast response times to changing loads and grid events, alleviating constraints on battery sizing for home energy systems.

In the context of National Electric Code, IQ8 with the IQ System Controller 2 is a Microgrid System capable of disconnecting from the Area Energy Power System and forming a local intentional island. The IQ System Controller 2 is a Microgrid Interconnect Device (MID) that supports disconnecting and paralleling with the Area EPS.

Earlier IQ series microinverters such as IQ7 and, IQ6 operate in the grid-tied interactive mode only.

What are the product numbers of microinverters with MC4 connectors?

This table lists the existing product SKU numbers and their equivalent integrated MC4 connector counterparts.

IQ Microinverter with adapter cable (Q-DCC-2)

IQ Microinverter with integrated MC4 connector

IQ7-60-2-US IQ7-60-M-US
IQ7A-72-2-US IQ7A-72-M-US
IQ8-60-2-US IQ8-60-M-US
IQ8M-72-2-US IQ8M-72-M-US
IQ8A-72-2-US IQ8A-72-M-US
IQ8H-240-72-2-US IQ8H-240-72-M-US
IQ8H-208-72-2-US IQ8H-208-72-M-US


How will a three-phase IQ8 Series Microinverters Enphase Energy System design differ from a three-phase IQ7+ Enphase Energy system design?
  • A three-phase IQ7+ system utilizes the IQ7+ Microinverter, Enphase Q Cable (2-wired cable) and the Enphase IQ Gateway Commercial – either standalone or as part of the Enphase Three Phase Network Protection Relay (TPNPR) to provide loss of phase detection. Phase balancing in a three-phase IQ7+ system requires allocating the branch circuits equally across the three phases in the PV aggregation panel.

  • A three-phase IQ8 Commercial microinverter system utilizes the IQ8P-3P or IQ8HC-3P microinverter, the Enphase QD Cable (4-wired cable) and the Enphase IQ Gateway Commercial 2. In no circumstance is the Enphase TPNPR required on an IQ8 Commercial PV system. The QD Cable provides Auto Phase Rotation and Neutral Sense Capabilities. Please visit the IQ8 Commercial information page for configuration diagrams.

What is the difference between IQ Battery 3/10 and IQ Battery 3T/10T?

IQ Battery 3T and 10T use the same great technology as IQ Battery 3 and 10. They have the same power and capacity, and all IQ Batteries are powered by integrated IQ8X-BAT microinverters. 3T and 10T are lighter and thinner to provide more flexibility and choice when designing to fit the space.







Rated (continuous) output power

1.28 kVA

1.28 kVA

3.84 kVA

3.84 kVA

Peak output power

1.92 kVA (10 seconds)

1.92 kVA (10 seconds)


5.7 kVA

5.76 kVA

Total Capacity

3.5 kWh

3.5 kWh

10.5 kWh

10.5 kWh

Usable Capacity

3.36 kWh

3.5 kWh

10.5 kWh

10.5 kWh


367 mm x 664 mm x 319mm (14.45 in x 26.14 in x 12.56 in

430 x 775 x 188 mm

(16.9 x 30.5 x 7.4 in)

1070 mm x 664 mm x 319 mm (42.13 in x 26.14 in x 12.56 in

1283 x 775 x 188 mm (50.5 x 30.5 x 7.4 in)


52 kg

48.8 kg

154.7 kg

143.6 kg

Will the Commercial Enphase Energy System be compatible with other battery storage in the market?
  • Enphase has not evaluated nor tested the integration of the IQ8 Commercial PV System with any 3rd-party single-phase or three-phase battery solution and cannot support installations where three-phase solar PV and 3rd-party storage integration are required.

What are the grid interconnection voltages supported by IQ8 Series Microinverters?

All IQ8 Microinverters operate at 240V L-L AC voltage interconnection, except IQ8H-208 which operates only at split-phase 208V L-L interconnection.


Is there a difference in cost between microinverters with integrated connectors and microinverters using adapter cables?

No, there is no price difference between the microinverters that have integrated MC4 connectors and those that use adapter cables.

What are the features of a Commercial Enphase Energy System?
  • The Enphase IQ8 Commercial PV System is a grid-tied, three-phase, 208V PV solution that will be fully compliant with IEEE1547:2018 standards upon release. Each IQ8 Commercial microinverter, either the IQ8P-3P or IQ8HC-3P, connects to a single PV module and integrates with the Enphase IQ Commercial Gateway 2 and Enphase monitoring and analysis software. The IQ8 Commercial PV System will offer system-level rapid shutdown compliance with UL-listed PV modules; offers advanced grid functionalities, voltage and frequency ride through, and neutral sense capabilities.

Why does the IQ Gateway (formally known as IQ Gateway) need to be wired directly to the IQ System Controller 2 in grid forming systems with IQ8 solar microinverters?

Traditionally, in grid tied microinverter systems and Ensemble 1.0 systems, the Gateway/Envoy PCBA is powered L1-N and is connected to L1 and L2 for metering. Envoy is powered from the IQ Combiner busbar.

In an IQ8 PV grid agnostic system, the IQ8 PV can form a grid behind an open PV relay in IQ System Controller. If IQ Gateway were powered via the IQ Combiner busbar and the PV relay is opened, the IQ Gateway can be damaged. This is because neutral from IQ System Controller (either from grid or from IQ battery via auto transformer) is not referenced to the L1 and L2 from microinverters. IQ Gateway could see L-N voltages of up to 360 V which can damage the IQ Gateway circuitry.

So, for IQ 8 systems, the IQ Gateway breaker inside the IQ Combiner must not be used to power the IQ Gateway and the procedure described below must be followed.

For IQ8 installations, there are three ways of installing the IQ Gateway breaker:

Option 1: Remove the IQ Gateway breaker from the IQ Combiner and put it into the generator breaker space in the IQ System Controller 2 for IQ Gateway connection if generator is not present.

Option 2: Remove the IQ Gateway breaker from IQ Combiner and put it in a backed-up subpanel if it is available nearby and has space for the double pole breaker.

Option 3: If subpanel is far away and a generator is used then replace the BR240 autotransformer breaker with a quad-breaker BRK-20A40A-2P-240V (Eaton SKU: BQC220240) and connect the IQ Gateway to the outer poles of the quad breaker. Reconnect the autotransformer wires to the inner poles of the quad breaker. Refer to IQ System Controller 2 Install Guide for details.

Will Enphase also launch a three-phase commercial battery solution?
  • Enphase is evaluating storage solutions for three-phase applications. We look forward to providing an update in the future.

Why do we have two variants with different power in IQ8?

IQ8 H has two different variants. IQ8 H-240 and IQ8 H-208.

IQ8 H-240 is intended to be used in 240 V L-L applications and IQ 8H-208 is intended to be used in 208 V L-L applications.

Note that IQ8H-208 microinverters that operate at 208 V are not supported in grid forming systems with IQ System Controller 2.

Can the installer reduce the cable slack to connect to the solar panel lead cable?

It doesn't use an external bulkhead adapter, so the overall cable is a bit less. However, module leads are typically 4 to 6 feet long, so the impact is minimal.

Will installers use the same commissioning and monitoring software for Commercial Enphase Energy Systems as I do for other Enphase installations?
  • Yes, you will use the same commissioning application for IQ8 Commercial PV Systems and you will be able to monitor your entire fleet of installed systems, irrespective of individual site type or microinverter. In anticipation of IQ8 Commercial, Enphase plans to rollout advanced fleet management and kiosk features to our existing software application in 2022. These new features will be accessed through your existing dashboard and login credentials.

Why do I need a rapid shutdown initiator?

In Multimode, IQ8 Microinverters can form a 240 Vac grid.

The PV system disconnect separates the microinverters from the grid and dedicated loads, however if the IQ8 microinverters are still forming a 240 Vac grid the conductors from microinverters exceed the controlled conductor voltage limit per UL 1741.

As result, a separate rapid shutdown initiator is required. The Rapid Shutdown Initiator controls the IQ System Controller relays and a power line communications device in IQ System Controller.

The Rapid Shutdown Initiator shall be wired to dedicated terminals in IQ System Controller 200G R2 (EP200G101-M240US01). Refer to IQ System Controller 2 Install Guide for details.

What three-phase commercial solutions does Enphase offer to installers?
  • Installers can currently deploy Enphase solutions for three-phase electrical service customers utilizing the Enphase IQ7+, Q Cable and IQ Commercial Gateway. This provides a 208V three-phase solar PV solution compatible with 208V three-phase electrical main service panels and 480V electrical main service panels when the PV is connected to the low side of a 480-208 transformer. For locations requiring loss of phase detection. The Enphase Three Phase Network Protection Relay, which includes the IQ Commercial Gateway, offers loss of phase detection for sites that need it.

Can I use IQ8H-240 Microinverters in 208 V applications or vice versa?

No. IQ8H-240 is intended to be used n 240 V, L-L applications and IQ8H-208 is intended to be used in 208V,  L-L, split phase applications.

Will microinverters requiring MC4 adapter cables be phased out completely?

Yes, all microinverters will eventually have integrated MC4 connectors. We are gradually transitioning each inverter in a phased manner.

What differentiates the existing IQ8M, IQ8A, and IQ8H Microinverters from the new IQ8MC, IQ8AC, and IQ8HC Microinverters?

The following tables illustrate the differences in DC and AC parameters between these microinverter models. Refer to the table below for DC parameter changes:

DC parameters IQ8M IQ8MC IQ8A IQ8AC IQ8H IQ8HC
MPPT voltage range (V) 30-45 25-45 32-45 28-45 36-45 29.5-45
Operating range (V)  16-60 18-60 16-60 18-60 16-60 18-60
Max. cont. operating DC (A) 12 14 12 14 12 14


Apart from this, the maximum continuous power of the IQ8MC Microinverter is reduced by 5 W to accommodate one extra microinverter in a branch (peak power remains the same for the IQ8M and the IQ8MC). Refer to the table below for AC parameter changes:


AC parameters IQ8M IQ8MC IQ8A IQ8AC IQ8H IQ8HC
Max. cont. output power
@240 V (W)
325 320 No change
Max. units per 20 A (L-L)
branch circuit @240 V
11 12 No change
Supports 208 V grid

Supports 220 V grid
Will system owners use the same Enphase App to monitor their Commercial Enphase Energy System as their home energy system?
  • Yes, all system owners will utilize the same app, irrespective of system type. Owners with multiple systems can access all their Enphase systems from a single login to the Enphase App.

How is rapid shutdown initiated in an Enphase system with IQ8 Series Microinverters?

IQ8 Series Microinverters ship in grid-interactive mode. If installed without an IQ System Controller, the PV system disconnect, the PV breakers inside the combiner, or the service disconnect can be the rapid shutdown initiator.

However, when installed and commissioned in conjunction with an IQ System Controller 2, the multi-mode function will be enabled and a double pole single throw (DPST) switch is required to initiate rapid shutdown. The Enphase-supplied System Shutdown Switch must be used for this purpose.

What type of PV modules are supported by IQ8 Microinverters?

IQ8 Microinverters (IQ8+, IQ8M, IQ8A, IQ8H-240 and IQ8H-208) supports 54-cell/108 half-cell, 60-cell/120 half-cell, 66-cell/132 half-cell and 72-cell/144 half-cell PV modules if they are electrically compatible.

Please refer Enphase Module Compatibility calculator to check the compatibility.

What is the difference between IQ Combiner 3-ES/3C-ES and IQ Combiner 4/4C?

1. IQ Combiner 4/4C supports hold down kits for all 4 PV breakers in the busbar and IQ Combiner 3-ES/3C-ES supports hold down kits for only 2 breakers.

IQ Combiner 4/4C also features a painted load center to reduce chances of corrosion/rusting on the field.

(Note: Hold down kits are mandatory for installing IQ8 PV micros with IQ System Controller 2 which makes the IQ8 microinverters grid forming i.e., multi-mode)

2. IQ Combiner 4C & 3C has a new generation cellular modem inside.

Can I pair IQ8 Series Microinverters with bifacial solar modules?

You can pair Enphase IQ8 Microinverters with bifacial solar modules if they are electrically compatible and installed according to the Quick Installation Guide supplied with the microinverters.

In case if there is no mandatory regulation for inverter sizing by the local utilities, use the microinverter sizing methodology of a conventional mono-facial module. However, use the real power (gained power) rather than the nominal power of the bifacial solar module. For example, if a 20% gain is expected, then refer to the module output parameters associated with the 20% gain instead of the nameplate rating of the module.

You can always use the Enphase Module Compatibility calculator to feed-in the module output parameters and check the compatibility.

Which configurations of the Enphase Energy System support generator integration?

All system configurations with an IQ System Controller or IQ System Controller 2 allow generator integration. We call this feature Generator Support. Please note that systems with M215 or M250 Microinverters will require an additional contactor or relay to control the solar panel(s).

When can I purchase components for a Commercial Enphase Energy System from distributors?

We are targeting availability in November 2023.

Can IQ Combiner 3-ES/3C-ES and previous generations of IQ Combiners be used with IQ8 Series Microinverters?

Yes. However, IQ Combiner 3C-ES only supports two breakers with hold down kits on a grid tied system and ships with an older version of IQ Gateway software and will need an upgrade in the field to initiate commissioning. IQ Combiner 4/4C supports four breakers with hold down kits. It comes with the latest version of IQ Gateway software and is ready for commissioning out of the box.

How can installers tell if the firmware has been updated?

In the Enphase Installer Portal (formally known as Enlighten Manager):

1. Click on “Systems” tab
2. Select a system from the list
3. Click the “Devices” tab
4. The "Processor Load" column will show the existing firmware version

Is there a new cabling system designed for IQ8 Series Microinverters?

Enphase IQ8 Microinverters are compatible with existing IQ cabling system which is currently being used with existing IQ6 and IQ7 series microinverters providing similar installer experience.

Note: IQ8D micros require a special cable. Please refer to the IQ8D webpage for details.

Which configurations support load control?

All configurations with IQ System Controllers support load control. For Sunlight Backup, an essential loads solution is required. Please see the Sunlight Backup with IQ8 tech briefs for additional details.

What modules will be compatible with the Commercial Enphase Energy System?
  • IQ8 Commercial microinverters are compatible with high-power modules from 54-cell up to 72-cell with full or cut-cell configuration. 

Does an IQ8 Series system have a PV-to-ESS ratio limit?

The PV:ESS ratio system is practically limitless. This implies that for all practical purposes the number of batteries that can be installed on a site are not dictated by the size of the IQ8 PV system. In Sunlight Backup, the ratio is infinite. This enables customers to size their battery needs based on their requirements rather than based on system limitations. Note that a single IQ Battery 3/3T can be installed with a maximum of 48 IQ8 series microinverters. However, these can be IQ8/IQ8+/IQ8M/IQ8A and IQ8H (240V) microinverters so the PV system can be sized to 64A i.e., 15.36kVA for any battery size.

Where can I get data sheets for microinverters with integrated MC4 connectors?

Download the data sheets or browse all our technical publications in the Documentation Center.

Can IQ8 Series Microinverters be installed with other IQ Microinverters and legacy microinverters in the same system?

No. IQ8 Microinverters cannot be installed on the same Gateway with other Enphase microinverters. If a site has other IQ series (IQ6, IQ7) microinverters or M/S-series microinverters, you will need to create a split system with IQ8 microinverters provisioned on an IQ Gateway and the other microinverters provisioned on a separate IQ Gateway (for IQ6, IQ7) or IQ Gateway Metered (for M/S-series).

What is the difference between Home Essentials Backup and Full Energy Independence?

Home Essentials Backup and Full Energy Independence are conceptual configurations that are helpful to set customer expectations. There is no technical difference between these two configurations and the loads connected to energy system will determine the level of energy independence or autonomy from sunlight. Sunlight Backup has no autonomy while adding a little bit of energy storage the system can support loads during passing clouds and into the evening. Larger energy storage systems increase energy independence and may allow complete autonomy during outages.

Learn more about all system configurations/use cases possible with IQ8 here.

Is the Commercial Enphase Energy System grid-forming capable?
  • No, IQ8 Commercial PV systems will be grid-tied only upon release Spring 2023.

Does IQ System Controller support 208 V L-L or 220 V L-L operation?

No. IQ System Controller and IQ System Controller 2 only support 120 V L-N/ 240 V L-L with an 180 degree phase angle. 220/127 and 208/120 services are 2 phases of a 3 phase distribution system and have a 120 degree phase angle between them. An Enphase Energy System cannot create a 120 degree phase angle and cannot be installed at homes with 208 V L-L or 220 V L-L service.

How should I document model numbers in permits and plan sets?

Enphase recommends installers submit Enphase microinverter model numbers on permits and plan sets using an “-x” in place of either the “-2” or “-M”, and add “where x = 2 or M.”

For example: “Model Number: IQ7-60-x-US, where x = 2 or M” or “IQ8PLUS-72-x-US, where x = 2 or M.”

Do IQ8 Series Microinverters have grid-forming capability standard? Is any additional hardware needed to enable it?

The IQ8 Microinverters operate in grid-tied mode out of the box. For grid-forming capability, when commissioning IQ8 Microinverters you should also install and commission the IQ System Controller 2.

The IQ System Controller 2 ensures safe isolation from the grid and provides the home with a neutral reference that enables 120 V line to neutral appliances to be powered safely when the system is off-grid.

Please refer to the Enphase Energy System Planning Guide for more details.

How do I size an Enphase Energy System?

There are product requirements, regulatory requirements, and user requirements.

The product requirement is a PV:ESS ratio. IQ 8 has no system PV:ESS ratio. This implies that for all practical purposes the number of batteries that can be installed on a site are not dictated by the size of the IQ8 PV system. This enables customers to size their battery needs based on their requirements rather than based on system limitations. Note that a single IQ Battery 3/3T can be installed with a maximum of 48 IQ8 series microinverters. However, these can be IQ8/IQ8+/IQ8M/IQ8A and IQ8H (240V) microinverters so the PV system can be sized to 64A i.e., 15.36kVA for any battery size.

The NEC requires the standalone supply to support the largest single load.

The IQ System Controller 2 is a NEC 705.2 defined Microgrid Interconnect Device (MID), a single throw switch capable of disconnecting and resynchronizing to the primary source per 705.50. It is required for any grid forming Enphase Energy system that uses IQ8-series solar microinverters. It supports up to 40kWH/15.36kVA of IQ Batteries and 15.36 KVA of IQ8 PV microinverters.

NEC 710 applies to electric power systems that operate in island mode. As such multimode systems are sized according to 2020 NEC 710.15(A). IQ 8 is a multimode mode inverter and capable of standalone island mode. Thus, the full nameplate can be used to comply with NEC 710.15A.

The available irradiance will determine how much power is available from solar microinverters. While the full nameplate can be used, Enphase recommends using 30% of nameplate for estimating backup capabilities for a Sunlight backup system configuration.

When adding storage to IQ8 systems, Enphase recommends supporting the largest single load from IQ Battery.

Increasing storage for additional autonomy will allow the homeowner to approach true Eenergy independence. Additional information can be found in the Enphase Energy System Planning Guide.

Where can I find more information on the IQ8P-3P and IQ8H-3P from Commercial Enphase Energy Systems?
  • Please visit our IQ8 Commercial page here:


What are the changes in IQ System Controller 2 compared to IQ System Controller 1?

Only IQ System Controller 2 supports IQ8 PV. IQ System Controller 2 can support IQ6/7 PV as well. While using with IQ8 PV, IQ System Controller 2 requires an external Rapid Shutdown Initiator.

While ordering microinverters with integrated MC4 connectors, do I get Q-DCC-2 adapter cable too?

Microinverters with integrated MC4 connectors will not be shipped with a Q-DCC-2 adapter cable, as they are no longer necessary.

Does the grid-forming feature work for both 240 V and 208 V AC grid interconnections?

The Grid-forming feature is supported by the IQ8 Microinverter variants which can operate at 240 V AC grid interconnection only. IQ8 H-208 does not have grid-forming functionality.

Does the IQ8 Series grid-independent system require an IQ Battery to function?

No, the IQ8 Series Microinverters do not need an IQ battery to be present in the system since they have their own backup system called Sunlight Backup which makes it a grid independent.

Learn more about all system configurations/use cases possible with IQ8 here.

IMPORTANT: Sunlight Backup configurations will require an essential loads solution for all connected loads.

Does Enphase offer any design-related services to Commercial Enphase Energy System installers?

Enphase is currently offering, for a limited time, design reviews at no charge for commercial systems. Separately, a select set of Enphase Installer Network (EIN) installers can now procure comprehensive design services from Enphase.

If you’re interested in procuring design services for prospective commercial projects using IQ7+ Series or IQ8 Series Microinverters, please reach out to your Enphase regional sales manager.

Can I use IQ8, IQ8A, IQ8M, or IQ8+ Microinverters in a Commercial Enphase Energy System?
  • No. These microinverter models are not tested for three-phase applications and are not UL Listed. Only IQ8P-3P and IQ8H-3P Microinverters are compatible with a Commercial Enphase Energy System.

What are the power output levels of IQ8P-3P and IQ8H-3P?
  • IQ8 Commercial Microinverters will be available in two variants: IQ8P-3P with 475 W maximum continuous output power (480 W, peak power), and IQ8H-3P with 380 W maximum continuous output power (384 W, peak power).

What are the improvements in the IQ8 Series Microinverter firmware release 2.48.01?

This firmware release upgrades the DC input specifications of IQ8 Series Microinverters, making them suitable for pairing with solar modules with higher currents.

•  Maximum continuous DC current increased to 12 A (previously 10.6 A)

•  Wider operating voltage range of 16-58 V (previously 25-58 V)

•  Improved power tracking with wider MPPT voltage range

•  Start-up voltage lowered to 22 V (previously 30 V)

Objectives, requirements, and specifications of Enphase products
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Features and benefits of Enphase products to customers
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