Powering the grid
of the future.

The growing demand for clean and reliable energy requires electric grids to rely on distributed
energy resources (DERs) such as rooftop solar, storage, and electric vehicles.

Advancing reliable, affordable energy in a changing grid.

Enphase is connecting utilities and aggregators with homeowners for a win-win solution that enhances the grid’s reliability and augments clean energy.

On the one hand, Enphase Grid Services enables utilities and aggregators to meet peak power demand in real-time and enhance reliability. On the other, homeowners get paid for exporting unused energy from Enphase Storage systems to the grid.

Available programs.

Programs tend to vary in commitment from one to ten years and offer compensation structures
that pay you annually or upfront to offset the cost of your Enphase Storage system.
Two person lift capability for installation and removal

ConnectedSolutions program

ConnectedSolutions helps keep the grid stable by allowing homeowners with solar and battery systems to share energy when the grid needs it during peak demand. And, you get paid for the energy you give to the grid.

Enphase grid services and
virtual power plants.

grid services virtual power plant

Homeowners, get paid to support your local utility grid.

Through the Enphase Grid Services program, homeowners support the grid by exporting energy when it needs it the most.

As a homeowner, you’ll still be able to use your Enphase Storage system when the grid is down. In case of severe weather, Storm Guard™ always charges your system instead of discharging power to the grid. What’s more, the system always retains a 20 percent charge to meet unexpected grid outages.

Benefits for the homeowner.

Earn cash with your Enphase Storage system.
Quick and easy digital enrollment.
Manage participation from your Enphase app.
Keep backup functionality for when you need it.
Support cost-effective and reliable energy in your community

Utilities, mitigate grid issues with virtual power plants.

The enphase grid services platform helps utilities and aggregators address grid flexibility, balancing, and reliability issues.

The service supports peak shaving and load curtailment by aggregating residential solar and storage systems within a territory into virtual power plants. We manage the entire program 
and offer an integrated, customizable management platform that includes resource visibility and analytics.

Benefits for the utility.

Increase grid resiliency 
and stability.
Manage supply shortages.
Decrease congestion and 
other T&D issues.
Tap into the underutilized value of DERs.
Avoid building costly new infrastructure.

Grid services console.

Advanced software is necessary to successfully orchestrate the ever-growing number of distributed energy resources on the grid.

The Enphase management platform is a fully customizable cloud interface that enables full visibility and control of your virtual power plants.

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