Lead generation

Demand generation is not just about leads.
It's about creating high quality leads that turn into revenue.

Creating high quality leads

Lead generation is the lifeblood of our marketing efforts, and the Enphase digital marketing platform puts increased firepower in our installers’ sales arsenal.

We realize that almost 80% of homeowners’ research is done online, and the same proportion of that customer journey happens before the sales process ever starts. Our new digital marketing capabilities are designed to target in-market prospects and get them into a qualified lead funnel.

We make it easy.

Deploy multi-layered marketing activities

We deploy multi-layered marketing activities to identify and engage prospective homeowners through targeted inbound and outbound activities.

Automated tools to provide continuous insights

We use various automated tools to extract audience insights, engagement, effort-measurement, and optimization.

Re-engage with unqualified leads

We re-engage with these leads and put efforts to reach that benchmark persuasive level of interaction to return them back to installers for further conversation.

Real time lead analysis

We deploy a combination of lead magnets that bring us new prospects on a real-time basis.

Nurturing of leads

We are aware that all the nurtured leads in the funnel are not going to be installer ready. Some leads that take further nurturing can be returned or rejected by installers on the Digital Platform.

Optimization of Lead quality

At Enphase we are very concerned about the quality of leads and conversion, and we continuously tweak our inbound funnel pipe to optimize on the right kind of leads for our installers.

Three simple steps

Our digital platform aims to make lead management a simple, self-service affair to benefit our Enphase Installer Network (EIN). We combine marketing programs with a structured sales process that operates in three simple steps:


Step 1

Signup for lead preferences

All installers are given an option to submit their lead preferences through Enlighten Manager. You can find the form under the ‘My Account Information’ section.

Step 2

Lead matching

We generate leads through our digital marketing platform and match them with you based on your lead preferences.

Step 3

Information exchange

The lead is sent to you with all relevant information on Enlighten Manager or through the internal sales team. From this stage on, you can contact the lead directly to propose a solution that is in their best interests.

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