Below, you will see each step of the purchase process and the reimbursement process

Purchase Process

To get started, go to systems page in Enphase Installer Platform or select the LPP option under the services dropdown on the Enphase Store.


step 1

Installer will see a table with the current validity of labor reimbursement coverage and options for the labor protection plan.

Step 2

Installer can select 3-year or 8-year extension only for those sites that are currently within the 2 year validity period.

Step 3

Once the desired extension is selected, the other option is greyed out. The new date of extension will be reflected in the last column.

Step 4

Once selected, proceed to check out via the store checkout screen.

Step 5

After completing the purchase, user can see the new validity dates against the purchased sites in Enlighten Manager.

Reimbursement process

Request from Enphase a remote diagnosis on an Eligible Product(s) at issue through Enphase Enphase App, Enphase Support Page or Enphase Installer Platform.


Step 1

When product issue is found, obtain an RMA from Enphase through Service Manager, Service on the go (SOTG) or Service Desk through mail, call or chat. When approved, the installer will receive an email from Enphase.

Step 2

Perform the Eligible Product Warranty Replacement at the site.

Step 3

Within 3 months of completing the Eligible Product Warranty Replacement, login to your Enlighten Manager account.

Step 4

Access the site where the Eligible Product Warranty Replacement was performed.

Step 5

Click on the Settings Tab (Gear Icon) in the upper right corner.

Step 6

Under the ‘Overview’ section, click the ‘click here’ link below ‘System Location’.

Note: The link will appear only if an RMA has been issued for the site within the last 3 months. If you do not see the ‘click here’ link under a site for which you have performed a Eligible Product Warranty Replacement and it has been 3 months or less, please contact support.

Step 7

Once you click on ‘click here’ you will be redirected to the Labor Reimbursement Form along with the Labor Reimbursement Program guidelines. Please read the guidelines carefully before filling out the Form.

Step 8

If it is the first time you are claiming a Labor Reimbursement from us, you will need to submit a completed W-9 form (for Individuals and Entities based in the US) with your request. For individuals and entities not based in the US, please refer to the chart below for the required documentation (“Tax Document”).

Step 9

Once you have filled out the form and have uploaded the required Tax Document, click on ‘Submit’ to complete your Labor Reimbursement request.