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IQ Battery 5P

IQ Battery 5P

Our most powerful, all-in-one home energy solution yet.


Meet the IQ Battery​ 5P

The IQ Battery 5P is incredibly powerful with 7.68 kW of peak power and 3.84 kW of continuous power. With six IQ8D-BAT Microinverters inside, IQ Battery 5P starts and runs more power-hungry appliances like pool pumps and HVACs with fewer batteries. Thanks to a distributed architecture, in the rare event one of the microinverters inside the battery stops working, power keeps flowing to the home and the lights stay on.

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Growing up was never so easy

Enphase IQ Batteries are built on a distributed architecture platform. This modular and flexible design means you can build the right size system quickly and easily expand the system with compatible batteries as your energy needs grow. When paired with solar using Enphase IQ8 Series Microinverters, there are no solar and battery sizing restrictions. The IQ Battery 5P offers wall and floor mount options with left, right, and rear conduit entry for a clean, finished look.

An all-in-one system

NEM 3.0 ready

California residents can use the IQ Battery 5P to take advantage of NEM 3.0. Export power to the grid at the optimal time for maximum economic benefits. The IQ Battery 5P can also be installed in a grid-tied, self-consumption configuration, without backup, for a lower upfront investment and faster payback period.

Installation and service made easy

Storage-easy installation-AU.
Two-person lift capability for easy installation and removal

These reusable handles make it quick and easy for a team of two people to mount the battery on the wall, or remove it for service.

Storage-Safer, more reliable-IQ5-AU
Swap microinverters in the field for quick repairs

No need to return the entire battery. IQ Batteries use the latest IQ8 Series Microinverter technology that can be swapped out in minutes.

Storage-all in one support

All-in-one support with an automated claim process

Our technical support team is ready to handle issues remotely. Warranty claims are automated with self-generated shipping labels.

Not all battery technology is created equal

Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) is simply safer. Our batteries utilize cobalt-free LFP chemistry that outperforms other battery technology at high temperatures, reducing risk of thermal runaway fires.

Size a system
in seconds

The Enphase System Planner makes it easy for installers and homeowners to design an Enphase Energy System. Choose the location, home size, and essential appliances to determine backup needs.