Generator support with
IQ System Controller 3G

The Enphase Energy System can integrate a compatible generator for extra power and seamless resilience during extended grid outages. 

The third generation of Enphase Energy System equipment introduces a new way to connect a generator to the system—the IQ System Controller 3G, featuring a dedicated DER port for a generator. 

Key features

AC architecture and industry-leading microinverters eliminate single points of failure and provide maximum power to the home when connected to a generator.

Seamlessly integrate solar and storage with a compatible generator for no loss of power when the system goes off grid or the battery reaches a low level of charge.

Works with most AC generators installed in the United States. No external automatic transfer switch needed. See the list of compatible generators in the forthcoming tech brief.

Remotely start and stop your generator, view real-time power flow, schedule quiet time, and turn on vacation mode from the Enphase App.​

IQ System Controller 3G has a dedicated DER port for a generator. This port can’t be used for PV or battery.

System planning note

Homeowners who might add a generator in the future should choose the IQ System Controller 3G. Those who are more likely to add extra batteries rather than a generator should choose the IQ System Controller 3.