Feed power-hungry appliances with Power Start

Delivering impressive Power Start capability, the new IQ Battery 5P can start and run high-inrush appliances like HVACs—and with its simple, modular design, it can often power a home’s essential systems more affordably than the leading competitor.

Performance you can trust

48 Amp Power Start capability in every IQ Battery 5P

3.84 kW for every 5 kWh to run more power-hungry appliances

5 kWh to 80 kWh modular architecture makes it easy to scale

Power Start stacks with each battery to support larger homes

Superior power quality to avoid potential damage to appliances

Peace of mind with a 15-year limited warranty for IQ Battery 3T/10T/5P


See below for important Power Start documents. For additional product documents, refer to the documentation center.

White paper

Explore the superior capabilities of Power Start


Data sheet

View the IQ Battery 5P technical specifications


Product brief

View a quick overview of the IQ Battery


Tech brief

Design considerations for IQ Battery 3/10/3T/10T