Recorded webinar: Helping you thrive under NEM 3.0/NBT

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From our powerful IQ Batteries and IQ Microinverters to updated software for Solargraf and the Enphase Energy System, we’ve developed a hardware and software suite that gives you all you need to get the most value from California’s new NEM tariff.

To help you adapt to the changes as quickly and effectively as possible, we’re offering a free, on-demand recorded webinar on the best ways to commission Enphase systems in the new NEM 3.0 environment.

The topics covered in this one-hour course include:

  • The advantages of Enphase solar-plus-battery storage systems under NEM 3.0
  • How to enable battery export in the Enphase system settings
  • How the Enphase Energy System can help your customers maximize savings and minimize payback periods
  • How Solargraf, our powerful design and proposal software, can optimize your systems for the highest customer value
  • Recorded Q&A with the Enphase training team