Easily confirm that all components are connected and operating as expected with the Enphase Installer App. 

Enphase Installer App

Before commissioning an Enphase Energy System, download the Enphase Installer App and sign in with your Enphase Installer Portal credentials. If you need an account, reach out to your company’s Installer Portal admin. If your company is not already set up in the Installer Portal, learn how to create an account.

Connecting to the IQ Gateway and provisioning devices

Wirelessly connect to the IQ Gateway using the Enphase Installer App to continue with system setup.

Configuring the IQ Gateway and metering

For systems with Current Transformers, use the Enphase Installer App with the built-in meter wizard tool to enable meters during the commissioning process.

Verifying system operation

Check that your Enphase Energy System installation was successful and that the system is operational.

Best practices for systems with storage

Follow a few quick and easy steps for faster commissioning and improved turnaround times. These simple checks can go a long way in achieving the most efficient workflow and productivity while on site.

Troubleshooting IQ Microinverter systems

Troubleshoot issues and verify successful operation with our detailed Enphase Installer App guide. This guide is most helpful for on-site electricians or foremen.