Learn about everything that goes into installing Enphase Energy Systems.

IQ Microinverters

Follow the simple step-by-step process to install Enphase IQ Microinverters and IQ Cables on the roof.

  1. Position the Enphase IQ Cables.
  2. Install an AC branch circuit junction box/isolator.
  3. Attach the Enphase IQ Microinverters to the PV racking.
  4. Create a paper installation map.
  5. Ground the microinverters (if required).
  6. Dress the cabling.
  7. Connect the microinverters to the cabling.
  8. Terminate the unused end of the cabling and seal any unused cable connections.
  9. Connect the cabling to the AC branch circuit junction box.
  10. Connect the PV Modules to the microinverters.


Once finished, you’ll complete electrical work on the ground and install the IQ Gateway. Then you’ll energize the system and complete commissioning using the Enphase Installer App.


rooftop installation
IQ Microinverter rooftop installation

Get started with this short introduction to the installation of IQ Microinverters.

best practices
Best practices

Review the best practices for installing Enphase Energy Systems.

terminator q cable
Installing the IQ Terminator Cap

Watch a demonstration of how to properly install the IQ Terminator cap for the Enphase Energy System.

Q field wireable
Install the IQ Field Wireable connectors

Watch a demonstration of how to install the IQ Field Wireable connectors.


System compatibility

When designing a system, remember that IQ Microinverters are not compatible with previous generations of microinverters and accessories.


Documentation center: microinverters
Documentation center: accessories

Sunlight Backup

Learn about installing IQ8 Series Sunlight Backup systems and get all the technical briefs, data sheets, and installation guides.


Learn about installing Enphase Energy systems with storage and get the technical documentation.

Communications and control

The IQ Gateway enables remote monitoring and control for Enphase Energy Systems. The IQ Gateway communicates with system components via AC power lines at the site and with the Enphase Installer Portal over an internet connection.

Your installation was successful if power line communication is good and the IQ Gateway is reporting to the Enphase Installer Portal. If the IQ Gateway is not communicating with system components, it may impair system operations. Remote monitoring and control will also be unavailable if the IQ Gateway is not connected to the internet.


Learn about installing the IQ Gateway or IQ Combiner and get the technical documentation.


Follow the guides or watch the videos to learn how to install Current Transformers. We’ll cover how to verify operation and enable the meters during the commissioning step

  • CT Essentials course: Learn the installation requirements for Production and Consumption CTs. Become an expert in the more challenging aspects of CT installation such as line tracing and wire phasing.

  • CT installation tech brief: Learn the four principles for successful current transformer installation.


Production Metering
Production Metering

Learn how to install the Enphase Production Current Transformer for revenue-grade metering and storage readiness using the standalone IQ Gateway.

Consumption Metering
Consumption Metering

Learn how to install the Enphase Consumption Current Transformer for consumption monitoring and storage readiness with the IQ Gateway or the IQ Combiner.