Critical updates

Please review the following critical hardware, software, and commissioning updates before starting an Enphase Energy System installation.


Leaving the DC switch ON, without AC power or communication with the IQ Gateway, will drain the battery. Not following these instructions may damage the battery cells and void the limited warranty.

Before commissioning, the DC Switch on the IQ Battery must not be turned ON, unless instructed by the Enphase Installer App. Turning the DC switch ON before it is instructed can damage the IQ Battery. After commissioning, always follow the sequence to supply the AC power first and then turn the DC Switch ON. The turn OFF sequence for AC power or DC Switch does not matter.

Click here to learn How to visually inspect a breaker prior to installation.

This practice is very likely to cause an IQ System Controller 2 and IQ Gateway failure. Installers must wire the IQ Gateway breaker in the IQ System Controller. For additional information, refer to the best practices and demonstration video.

To avoid this situation, please upgrade the IQ Gateway software from the Enphase Installer App to a version greater than 7.

To resolve this, please reverse the polarity of the meters from the Enphase Installer Portal. This will enable you to flip the polarity remotely and ensure correct readings are observed.

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Do not wire the Rapid Shutdown Switch while the IQ System Controller 2 is energized/powered on. Rapid Shutdown Switch installation and wiring should be treated as a live wire installation. De-energize the system when disconnecting, connecting any RSD wiring. For additional information, refer to the best practices and demonstration video.

To avoid this situation, please update the IQ Gateway software via the Enphase Installer App prior to connecting the Communications Kit to the IQ Gateway.


Commissioning brings Enphase Energy Systems to life. It's the process used by installers to register and activate each product in an Enphase system. Installers should refer to the following resources to ensure commissioning is fast and easy.