The Next Generation Microinverter

215-Series Overview

Now available, the Enphase 215-Series incorporates the latest innovations in power electronics and custom microchips to deliver the world's most efficient microinverter.

The first available product in the 215-Series is the M215. Explore this page for more information about the M215 and other products in the 215-Series.

M215: What people are saying

The Engage System

All products in the 215-Series are designed to integrate with the Engage System™.

The Engage System is a new, patent-pending approach to making mechanical and electrical connections in PV systems.

The system includes the Engage Cable, Engage Accessories and the Engage Port (for AC Module products).

Engage Cable

The Engage Cable is a continuous length of 12AWG cable with pre-installed connectors for Enphase Microinverters to plug into. The cable is handled like standard outdoor-rated electrical wire, allowing it to be cut, spliced and extended as needed.

Engage Accessories

The Engage Accessories complement the Engage Cable and give it the ability to adapt to any installation.

The Engage Accessories include the branch terminators, watertight sealing caps, a splice kit, and the Engage Tool.

25-year Limited Warranty

Through each generation of microinverter, Enphase has continued to improve reliability and extend our warranty coverage to match.

With the 215-Series Microinverter, Enphase now provides a 25-year limited warranty, which covers 100% product replacement and 100% uptime for the duration of the warranty.

Enlighten Monitoring Now Included

Both new and existing Enphase customers can get excited about this announcement:

Enlighten monitoring is now FREE!

By including monitoring at no additional cost, Enphase system owners automatically get the visibility into their solar system to know that they are getting the most out of their solar investment.

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