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Success stories

Good for budget and family: Jay and Swati

“You win because you’re saving money, because you’re reducing your carbon footprint, and because you feel good about it.”

Jay and Milli, homeowners who have Enphase solar

Good for the planet:
Jim and Milli

"When Enphase came along with this better software and the ability to get consumption information, I was very excited."

Making dollars and sense: John and Barbara

  • Why did this couple go solar?
    — “Strictly for the economics … the numbers work.”
  • And why did they choose Enphase?
    — “If we lose a panel, we don’t lose the system.”

Investing in solar for now and the future: Mike

  • “It’s easy to install and pays for itself very quickly.”
  • “It’s reduced our bill as we had hoped. It has run completely smoothly.”