5-Year Limited Warranty Extension for IQ Battery​

5-Year Limited Warranty Extension for IQ Battery​


This adds a 5-year extended warranty for the IQ Battery, which lengthens the entire term of the limited warranty up to 15 years. You will receive an electronic copy of your Limited Warranty Extension in three business days after placing your order.​

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Enter the serial number for each Encharge 3 storage system.

Each Encharge 10 is comprised of three Encharge 3 units, each of which will require an extended warranty purchased individually.

Add an additional serial number
Steps to find serial number of the battery in Encharge 3 or Encharge 10
You can find the serial number of the Encharge battery as shown in the figure below. The back cover needs to be opened in order to locate the serial number.
In case you need any help in finding serial number write to enphasestore@enphase.com.
Encharge 10 has 3 serial numbers and Encharge 3 has 1 serial number.
Help Encharge 3smart_power_mobile.mp4 Help Encharge 10


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