Share2 HCS-50 EV Chargers

Share2 HCS-50 EV Chargers

SKU: HCS-50-C13-L25-A140-145

The HCS-50 is one of the latest high-quality, high-power, low-priced charging stations from ClipperCreek.

ClipperCreek's Share2 enabled HCS-50 bundle allows charging station owners to install two 40A, Level 2 charging stations on one 50A circuit and is an inexpensive solution for any location looking for an easy way to double the number of charge points without running additional 240V circuits.

The Share2 enabled HCS-50 will offer full power if one vehicle is requesting a charge and automatically splits the power if a second vehicle requests a charge at the same time. When one of the vehicles completes charging, the other station reverts to full power for the second vehicle.

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