Sensibo Air + Room Sensor

Sensibo Air + Room Sensor


Enphase has partnered with Sensibo, a leading smart air conditioner controller, to help you get even greater returns from your solar investment when you need to run your A/C or heat pump. With Enphase + Sensibo you can effortlessly match your peak solar production with the energy demands of your A/C for maximum bill savings.

The Sensibo Air is the air conditioner and heat pump controller for those who are looking for greater accuracy in their home climate and even more energy savings. It integrates with Apple HomeKit, uses a more advanced chipset than Sensibo Sky, and supports Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Low Energy. It is also smaller and sleeker and can be placed on a table or shelf, or hung on a wall. This Kit also comes with a truly wireless Smart Room Sensor equipped with a motion sensor and additional climate sensors. 

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