5-Year Limited Warranty Extension for IQ Battery​

5-Year Limited Warranty Extension for IQ Battery​


Add a 5-year extended warranty to the IQ Battery, extending the entire term of the limited warranty up to 15 years. You’ll receive an electronic copy of your limited warranty extension within three business days of placing your order. The limited warranty extension must be purchased in the first year of the battery’s installation and is not available for Florida and Bermuda residents.

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Enter the serial number for each IQ Battery 3 unit.

An IQ Battery 10 is comprised of three IQ Battery 3 units, each of which will require an extended warranty purchased individually.

Add an additional serial number
How to locate an IQ Battery serial number
The serial number for an IQ Battery 3 or 10 can be found inside the unit. Remove the cover and refer to the diagram below to find the sticker. An IQ Battery 10 will consist of three serial numbers and an IQ Battery 3 will consist of one serial number. If you need assistance finding your serial number, email us.
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