May 2, 2023

IQ Battery 5P installer questions answered

IQ Battery 5P and IQ System Controller 3 INT installed on home

The IQ Battery 5P is the most powerful home battery yet from Enphase and sets the bar for power delivery per kWh. Read further to get the answers to the most asked questions about the IQ Battery 5P. The IQ Battery 5P will be available for pre-orders starting May 3rd and will begin shipping in July.

When will the IQ Battery 5P be available in Australia?

Enphase will officially launch the IQ Battery 5P and IQ8 Series Microinverters for pre-orders at the Smart Energy Conference in Sydney on 3-4 May 2023. We plan to have IQ Battery 5P and IQ8 Microinverter fulfilment begin in July, pending Clean Energy Council certification.

What are the specifications of the IQ Battery 5P?

  • Every 5 kWh unit delivers 3.84 kVA

  • Extra 200% surge capacity for 3 seconds

  • 160% surge for 10 seconds

What is the IQ System Controller 3 INT?

The IQ System Controller 3 INT connects the home to grid power, the IQ Battery 5P, and solar PV (IQ7 or IQ8 or S series microinverters). It contains a microgrid interconnection device (MID) that automatically detects and seamlessly transitions the Enphase Energy System from grid power to backup power in the event of an electricity outage. In addition, it facilitates ease of installation by consolidating interconnection equipment and the IQ Gateway into a single enclosure and by providing a consistent, pre-wired solution for residential and light commercial applications.

Where can I find the associated technical documentation?

The preliminary data sheets and other technical publications can be found in the Australian Installer Documentation Centre

What training is required to install and commission IQ Battery 5P?

Obtaining your Enphase Storage Installation Certification via Enphase University is a mandatory prerequisite to install and commission the IQ Battery 5P in Australia. The self-paced eLearning course takes less than two hours, and successful completion earns 30 core CPD points towards your CEC accreditation requirements.

Visit Enphase University to get IQ Battery Certified.

How long is the warranty?  

IQ Battery 5P will be backed by an industry-leading 15-year limited warranty up to 6,000 cycles as standard.

How do I get support?

Team Enphase Australia will support our installer partners and system owners via industry-leading customer support, on-the-ground Field Service Technicians in every state, and an expert team of Field Applications Engineers.

What are the key benefits of IQ Battery 5P? 

IQ Battery 5P Features


5 kWh total energy storage capacity

Build the right size system for your homeowner’s needs with a 5 kWh modular design.

3.84 kVA continuous power

Powered by six IQ8D-BAT Microinverters, IQ Battery 5P starts and runs more appliances with fewer batteries. 

7.68 kVA 200 % peak power

Start up heavy loads (like air conditioners, pool pumps, or clothes dryers) while in microgrid mode with double the surge capacity for three seconds and 160% surge capacity for 10 seconds.


Enphase batteries use safer cobalt-free Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery chemistry and operate at lower voltage AC power, avoiding the dangers of high-voltage DC power. IQ Battery 5P also meets UL 9540A, the most rigorous industry testing and certification standard for thermal runaway fire propagation protection.

Field replaceable parts

IQ Battery 5P allows the replacement of critical parts in the field, improving fleet reliability, lowering service costs, and resolving customer issues faster.

Mounting options 

IQ Battery 5P can be installed indoors or outdoors*. It comes with wall mount and floor mount options and conduit entry options from left, right, and rear for greater design and installation flexibility as well as a clean, finished look.

*See installation guide 

Commission in < 60 mins

One of the industry's fastest commissioning times, so that you can get on to the next job quickly.

Power Start™  technology

Advanced Power Start technology lets you turn on power-sapping appliances smoothly, while reducing the risk of system crashes.

Storm Guard™️

Get alerts to extreme weather events and automatically helps prepare your home to stay powered on during an outage.


Just like our microinverters on the roof, IQ Battery 5P leverage a distributed architecture with no moving parts to provide maximum reliability. Each solar backup battery includes multiple bi-directional IQ8D-BAT Microinverters to switch energy from DC to AC and back again for safe, reliable operation. So, even if one stops, we can keep the power flowing and the lights on.

High-quality production targets of fewer than 500 defective parts per million

Legendary Enphase product quality means fewer visits back to the site, lower costs for installers, and happier homeowners who refer their friends and family.

Fast, knowledgeable customer service

If you do need to call customer support, you can reach a knowledgeable rep on the phone 24 hours a day. Target average wait times are under a minute.

Sunlight Jump Start™

IQ8 Series-based solar systems with IQ System Controller and IQ Battery 5P include Sunlight Jump Start so your system starts when the sun shines—even if the grid is out for days.


How do I buy the IQ Battery 5P?

  • For solar and storage installers, visit our how to buy page to find your local Enphase distribution partner.

  • For homeowners, visit our find an installer page to get in touch with certified Enphase solar and battery installers near you.​​​​​​

Who should I contact for more information?

  • Visit Team Enphase at the Smart Energy Conference 2023 in Sydney on 3-4 May for the latest updates, keep an eye on your inbox, or speak to your regional account manager.

  • And, as always, if you need support or have technical questions about your Enphase installations, please get in touch with Enphase Customer Support via:​​​​​​

Questions? Contact us. We’ll help you build your system, today.
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