June 16, 2022

Taking a stand for solar safety at the Smart Energy Conference

Enphase showroom with Enphase logo and IQ Battery on wall

Countries worldwide are grappling with a spiralling energy crisis as electricity and gas prices surge. Down Under, rising global demand for coal and gas due to the war in Ukraine, combined with ageing coal-fired power stations, and a frosty winter spell are adding to the problem.

There is little the Australian government can do in the short-term to address soaring energy costs which are yet another burden on consumers. So the focus is instead on initiatives to boost renewable energy and the capacity for battery storage.

As solar power becomes more critical in helping consumers navigate the increasing cost of living and contribute to a clean energy future, any compromise on solar safety and quality is the antithesis of sustainability. This is the message Enphase embraced at the 2022 Smart Energy Conference, which aligns with our company purpose to “advance a sustainable future for all.”

Australia boasts the highest solar uptake in the world

Almost one-third of all Australian homes have a solar power system. The cloudy side of this story is that most of these solar systems create high-voltage direct current (DC) electricity that can pose a fire and electrocution risk under certain fault conditions.

In addition, some of these systems only have a lifespan of under 10-years and the products can be hard to upgrade as energy needs evolve, contributing more to landfill and reducing the potential positive impacts on the environment.

Safer and higher quality solar technology alternatives exist, like Enphase IQ Microinverters. Unfortunately, Australian solar safety standards are not as stringent as some of our international counterparts. For example, the United States has prevented the installation of high-voltage solar systems without specific safety controls and has mandated emergency remote system shutdown since 2014.

Enphase IQ Microinverters operate at extra low and safe alternating current (AC) voltages, have built-in emergency remote system shutdown, and are engineered from the ground up for maximum safety and reliability.

Don’t let good photons go to waste

Smart Energy 2022 was the first significant industry gathering untethered from two years of lockdowns related to global health and safety issues, which made the scale and attendance of the event the perfect platform to showcase Enphase support for Australia’s clean energy sector. Our mission at the conference was clear:

  • Connect broadly with industry stakeholders.

  • Deliver high-value Enphase product training.

  • Reward our Enphase Installer Network (EIN) partners.

  • Shine a light on solar safety and quality issues.

Smart Energy Conference 2022
Team Enphase met with and trained hundreds of solar installers across both days of the event.


Enphase conference room snapshot
We provided an exclusive sneak peek at the IQ Battery to select partners. The storage product will be available in Australia in late 2022.


All-electric Harley Davidson Livewire motorbike
One lucky installer will ride off into the solar sunset on brand new all-electric Harley Davidson Livewire motorbike, courtesy of Enphase and solar product distributor AC Solar Warehouse. The bike is such a standout EV that it also become the centrepiece for the political candidates speaking to the media at the event. Solar installers can learn more about how to win the bike here.
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