S230 Microinverter Kit

S230 Microinverter Kit

Enphase S230 Microinverter Kits include an S230 Microinverter built on our IQ7 Series platform and the necessary adapters with an Engage Cable. Existing S230 customers can use this kit to add system capacity or replace older microinverters that may be out of their warranty. The S230 Microinverter integrates with the IQ Battery, IQ Gateway, and the Enphase App for remote monitoring and control.

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Note: This product requires installation by a CEC accredited installer. Not using a CEC accredited installer for planning/installing your system may invalidate your product warranty and affect rebates available to you. Please read this detailed note that lists the key terms in relation to choice of installer. At checkout, you may request to be matched to an installer in your area.


1. You must undertake out the required due diligence with respect to the products you intend to purchase for your proposed installation, including by consulting with a local electrician/ installer accredited by the Clean Energy Council (CEC).

2. To claim any rebates offered by any regulatory body (including the applicable Clean Energy Regulator), your solar PV system must mandatorily be installed by a CEC accredited installer.

3. The due diligence per point 1. above is necessary so that you may ensure that: (i) you get the warranty for all components/products purchased according to your requirements; and (ii) the proposed system design the grid application for the proposed installation meet your requirements and comply with applicable local laws.

4. Further, please note that the products listed on the [Enphase Store] as well as Solar PV systems in general deal with live electricity and high voltages and therefore the installation of such products must be done by a CEC accredited installer

5. You must not install or use any products purchased on the [Enphase Store] in a manner inconsistent with the product documentation and/or specifications thereto, as this will invalidate your product warranty.

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