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Enphase App release notes (23.7.0)
October 19, 2023

What’s new

For all Enphase App users:

  1. Introduced a Profile page and redesigned the Battery page

    The Profile page [Menu > Settings > Profile] offers functionality to enable Storm Guard and select one of the three system profiles [Self-Consumption, Savings, and Full Backup].1

    The Battery page [Menu > Settings > Battery] now includes the Charge battery from the grid and Battery shutdown level settings.2

  2. Revamped public view

    The public view allows Enphase Energy System owners to share their system stats with others. We have improved this public view to match the Enphase App's design. The public page can be easily enabled by system owners [Menu > My Information > Create a public page for my system]. Click here to learn more about this feature.

  3. Added a new Owner’s Guide for systems with an IQ Battery 5P

    The new Owner’s Guide is now available for Enphase Energy Systems with an IQ Battery 5P. This guide explains the components of the system and the ways to monitor and manage the system using the Enphase App.


What’s fixed

For all Enphase App users:

  1. Improved messaging for when microinverters exhibit low solar production.

  2. Added events to the Event History section of the app to better communicate when IQ Gateway connectivity is updated or changed.

  3. Fixed the Grid Status indicator on the Status page so users with backup capabilities no longer see the loader.

  4. Resolved the issue where the Reports were not sent to the user after generating.

Enphase Installer Portal release notes (23.7.0)
October 19, 2023

What’s new

For all installers:

  1. Added Status Since column to the Fleet dashboard

    We have included a new column, Status Since, on the Fleet Overview page of the Fleet dashboard. This column provides the date and time that the Status column last changed.


What’s fixed

For all installers:

  1. Resolved language discrepancies for homeowner email communications. Emails are now sent using the language chosen by the homeowner when setting up the account.

  2. Corrected syncing of Spanish training courses between Enphase University and the Enphase Installer Portal to ensure they count towards commissioning requirements.

  3. Fixed the user preference to maintain the preferred view of the Systems page when the user navigates from the new Fleet dashboard to the classic view.

  4. Eliminated the bug associated with the display of grayed-out microinverters producing power in the Array view.

  5. Added special characters when searching for an authorized subcontractor email.

  6. Updated wording on the New User Registration page to reduce confusion for installer companies planning on installing Enphase Energy Systems so that the Installer role is assigned and they can properly commission systems.

  7. Resolved issues when logged-out users attempt to accept or reject consumption data requests on the Dashboard page.

  8. Fixed the issue for sites with cellular modems inaccurately displaying as Retired on the Devices page, despite the modems remaining active with the sites’ gateways.

  9. Corrected the PLC Noise Detection graph to show correct PLC noise levels.

  10. Removed the Reserve SoC setpoint on the Systems page for systems that have a battery but do not have an IQ System Controller.

Enphase Installer App release notes (3.33.0)
October 17, 2023

What’s new

For all Enphase installers:

  1. Moved the Replace IQ Gateway feature under Support to the Request return and Install replacement menu within a specific site under Systems

    To simplify and streamline the replacement process, users can now only initiate the return of an IQ Gateway by scrolling to the bottom of the page of a particular site on the Systems page, and tapping on the Request return and Install replacement button followed by tapping Replace IQ Gateway. For more detailed instructions, please refer to the Self-service return and replacement technical brief.



  2. Added an option to change Consumption Meter location after the meter is enabled

    For sites where a consumption meter has already been enabled, changing the location (Load Only or Load with Solar) is now possible and can be completed on the Meter Configuration page.

    Meter Configuration


  3. Added an option to choose which IQ Gateway is connected to certain storage devices

    For sites that contain multiple IQ Gateways, it is now possible on the Devices & Array page to easily configure which storage/backup devices (such as IQ System Controllers, IQ Batteries, and IQ Load Controllers) are connected to each IQ Gateway.

    Devices and Arrays


  4. Added confirmation for Permission to Operate

    To complete the Functional Validation step, installers must now indicate whether they have received a permit to operate from the utility.


For Enphase installers in Europe:

  1. Added a walkthrough to configure an IQ Relay

    A step-by-step guide is now available within the Enphase Installer App when the IQ Relay is in the Open state.

    IQ Relay

What’s fixed

For all Enphase installers:

  1. Prevented Auxiliary Contact Validation and Functional Validation if the production and consumption meters are enabled through the Enphase Installer Portal but not enabled on the Enphase Installer App.

  2. Fixed an issue where the homeowner walkthrough is marked as completed when an IQ System Controller or IQ Battery is added to an existing PV-only system.

  3. Fixed commissioning discrepancies for systems with multiple IQ Gateways by making the steps completed on one IQ Gateway visible to the second IQ Gateway.

  4. Fixed an issue where the phase details of an IQ Battery were not sent to the IQ Gateway during provisioning.

Enphase App release notes (mobile 3.8.1)
October 2, 2023

What’s new

For all Enphase App users in North America, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom:

  1. Introduced capabilities for configuring an IQ Gateway’s Wi-Fi via Bluetooth

For systems that include an IQ Battery 5P, you can now configure the IQ Gateway’s Wi-Fi connection from a mobile device via Bluetooth. This allows for a smoother setup experience.

Enphase Installer App release notes (3.32.0)
September 7, 2023

What’s new

  1. [North America] The Enphase Installer App will block the provisioning of the IQ System Controller if no IQ Batteries or IQ Microinverters have been scanned in the system.



  2. [Australia] Adding NMI details is now mandatory in the Enphase Installer App. The entered NMI details will be validated by the app.

  3. [Brazil] Installers in Brazil can now commission sites with IQ8 Microinverters using the Enphase Installer App.

  4. To speed up the commissioning process, we have removed the optional update button in the Gateway Connectivity step.

What’s fixed

  1. Fixed an issue where the generator meter was being erroneously disabled when the production meter was disabled.

  2. Fixed a storage system issue where the functional validation step was not starting due to incorrect background validations.

  3. Grid profile provisioning to the IQ Gateway has been made faster for IQ Gateway software versions 7.0.88–7.0.91.

  4. Other bugs and security fixes.

Enphase App release notes (23.6.0)
September 3, 2023

What’s new

For all Enphase App users: 

1. Added in-app notifications for users experiencing a reduction in the frequency of data updates

When the Enphase system detects low Wi-Fi bandwidth, it switches the connection type to cellular. We now display an in-app notification that states there will be a reduction in the frequency of data updates.

A screenshot of a phone

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What’s fixed

For all Enphase App users: 

  1. Resolved an issue that caused systems to be stuck in the Full Backup profile even after a Storm Guard alert ended.

  2. Resolved incorrect logic that caused the IQ Battery’s reserve capacity to default to 30% when it was set below 10%.

  3. Updated the Energy Performance metric displayed in the monthly email to align with what was chosen within the app, i.e., Energy Independence or Grid Dependence.

  4. Improved messaging when IQ Microinverters report an error in the Enphase App.

Enphase Installer Portal release notes (23.6.0)
August 31, 2023

What’s new

For all installers: 

1. Moved the Authorized Subcontractor field for all installers 

The field to add an authorized subcontractor and share a system with another company was previously difficult to find. This field, along with a highlighted tooltip box, is now more accessible to all installers.A screenshot of a computer

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2. Reduced number of Grid Profiles based on site specification  

We reduced the number of displayed Grid Profiles to reduce confusion on the Settings and Activations pages. Installers will now only see applicable Grid Profiles based on site characteristics.

Grid Profile changes on the Settings page:

A screenshot of a computer

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Grid Profile changes on the Activations page: 

A screenshot of a computer

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3. Added IQ Relay SKU on the Devices page

A new Sku field is visible for IQ Relays on the Devices page, which displays the corresponding SKU for the device. 

A close-up of a box

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4. Added historical information for cellular modem devices

The Enphase Installer Portal now maintains data associated with cellular modems on the Devices page and preserves historical records.