IQ7+ Microinverter

IQ7+ Microinverter

The IQ 7+ microinverter is compatible with 60 and 72-cell PV modules and produces 295VA peak power. This kit can be used for new installation or system expansions.

The smart-grid ready Enphase IQ 7 Microinverter series™ is built on the seventh-generation platform and achieves the highest efficiency for module-level power electronics. Its polymeric enclosure and revolutionary cabling system simplify installation.

For detailed installation instructions, kindly refer the documentation tab below.

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Note: This product requires installation by a CEC accredited installer. Not using a CEC accredited installer for planning/installing your system may invalidate your product warranty and affect rebates available to you. Please read the disclaimer in the details section that lists the key terms in relation to choice of installer. At checkout, you may request to be matched to an installer in your area.

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IQ Series Microinverters extend the reliability standards set forth by previous generations and undergo over a million hours of power-on testing, enabling Enphase to provide an industry-leading warranty of up to 25 years.