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How much charge does an IQ Battery 5P lose during the day?

After monitoring your batteries for a while, you may notice that they lose a small amount of charge even when you're not using them. This is normal and is something the industry calls tare loss. All home batteries will use some charge throughout the day to power standby systems like the Battery Management Controller or inverters. It's similar to an electric vehicle losing some range overnight, although the mechanics for why and how it happens are slightly different. This isn't unique to Enphase and is a part of all home batteries regardless of the manufacturer.  

For every IQ Battery 5P in an Enphase Energy System, you may notice approximately 150-400 Wh of tare loss per day based on your battery profile. This may vary a bit from system to system depending on how often it's idle and not actively generating solar power. Because we always want to accurately represent where your energy is going, the charge and discharge trends in the app will update normally when this happens.

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