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Enphase Training Videos

On-demand training videos to help you design, install and maintain Enphase solar systems


  • Homeowner Series: Got Solar? What happens when the power goes out?

    With traditional, grid-tied solar systems your array will stop producing when there is a power outage...even if the sun is still shining! Watch this video to find out why.

  • Introductory Webinar for Homeowners

    Curious about your new Enphase solar installation? Watch this pre-recorded webinar to learn what makes your Enphase system different, how to navigate MyEnlighten and more.

  • Understanding Your Utility Bill for Homeowners

    Sometimes the hardest part of going solar is understanding your electric bill when the installation is complete. Watch this pre-recorded webinar to learn more.

  • Homeowner Series: What's size got to do with it?

    Your solar system size is quoted in kilowatts of power. But what does that have to do with your actual energy harvest in kilowatt-hours? Size is important, but it's not the only thing that matters!

  • Homeowner Series: Who is Enphase?

    Watch this video to learn how Enphase fits into your solar system.

  • Service-on-the-Go

    Self-service return and replacement to help you manage devices with just a few clicks

  • Homeowner Series: Say "Yes!" to safe AC energy!

    Watch this video to learn why Enphase is the safest solar technology for your family.

  • Homeowner Series: Introduction to the Enlighten mobile app

    Watch this video to learn about the features of the Enlighten mobile app and how to access them.

  • Homeowner Series: What is a kilowatt hour?

    You're paying for kilowatt hours, but what does that mean exactly? And what's the difference between a kilowatt and a kilowatt hour?

  • Enphase IQ System Installation Training

    Watch a detailed walkthrough of the new Enphase IQ microinverter system installation process

  • Service-on-the-Go with Enlighten Manager and Installer Toolkit

    Learn how to use Service-on-the-Go to quickly process returns and replacements and reduce truckrolls.

  • Locating a System in Installer Toolkit

    In this video, we’ll demonstrate how locate a system in the Installer Toolkit Mobile App.

  • The Enphase Meter Wizard

    The Meter Wizard will help you successfully verify and configure Enphase metering for your customers.

  • IQ 7, 7+ System Installation Video

    See how the essential components of the IQ 7 installation kit, from microinverter to cabling, are installed on a typical Australian site.

  • Connecting to an Envoy Using AP Mode on Your iOS Device

    Learn how to place the Envoy in AP Mode and connect to the Envoy's private network using Installer Toolkit on your iOS device.