About Enphase

We make solar simple
and energy smart.

About Us Hero

Have we met before?

You may not have heard of us, but you've probably seen us.
That's because we've installed over 36 million microinverters
on more than 1.5 million homes, and counting.

So, perhaps it's time we got to know each other better.


Microinverters shipped


Hours of testing every year


Issued patents


Generations of products

Our story

Join us on 
our journey

From Silicon Valley start-up to
global renewable energy leader.
And it's just the beginning.

Our values

What we believe in

Our company values will show up in how we work together, how
we perform, and how we all get rewarded.

Customers first

  • We exist for our customers.
  • We listen to our customers and measure our success based on their feedback.
  • We take action to deliver the best customer experience.


  • We tell the truth at all times, without making excuses.
  • We do what's best for the company.
  • We take ownership of our behaviors and results.


  • We value innovation and recognize that it is the cornerstone of our existence.
  • We encourage risk-taking and challenge the status quo to find solutions.
  • We actively promote innovation through curiosity and continuous learning.


  • We appreciate and respect different behavioral styles and perspectives.
  • We collaborate globally to achieve more together than we can on our own.
  • We actively work to break down silos.


  • We place safety and quality above everything else.
  • We measure everything that matters and drive continuous improvement.
  • We make the highest-quality products.

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