Enphase Grid Services

Enroll in local programs that help create a more stable, reliable, and clean grid.


Power your community

We work with local utilities, grid operators, and homeowners to offer Enphase Grid Services programs that help electric utilities avoid using power from expensive, polluting power plants at times of higher demand. In return, participating homeowners can receive hundreds to thousands of dollars towards their home battery system purchase or as annual incentive payments.

Enphase Grid Services programs can take different forms, with different participation periods and compensation levels depending on the region, utility, and grid needs. Homeowners enrolled in these programs can still use their stored battery energy for backup when the grid is down, and in many cases, Storm Guard can be used to prioritize a full charge for the battery when severe weather is approaching.


Enphase is here to help

For each grid services program Enphase launches, we provide in-depth training and on-demand resources for installers to help educate their teams and homeowners on the value, requirements, and enrollment process for Enphase Grid Services. 

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Tools for utilities and aggregators

Manage advanced features and controls to orchestrate distributed energy resources at scale through an integrated, customizable software platform:

  • Get system-level, site-level, flexible load resiliency (e.g., firming renewables, following load, reducing system peaks) from portfolios of dispatchable, customer-connected resources.
  • Create and manage virtual power plants with Enphase Grid Services Manager software.
  • Planners and operators can use features designed to provide flexibility and optionality to their day-to-day:
    • Reduce grid operating costs (e.g., energy procurement)
    • Help achieve state clean energy goals (e.g., renewable utilization and peak load reduction)
    • Improve the stability of the larger grid (e.g., voltage and frequency regulation, other ancillary services)
    • Increase DER hosting capacity
    • Lower the cost of specific T&D infrastructure upgrades (e.g., non-wires alternative opportunities)
  • Manage hosting capacity and reduce distribution system asset loading with reporting that guides the interconnection of solar and batteries where they will deliver the most value. 
  • Use integrated solutions that optimize demand across EV chargers, appliances, space conditioning, and other critical loads by applying the capabilities of solar and batteries. 

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