Enphase Grid Services

Around the world, people are adding solar and batteries to their homes to reduce energy bills, run their lives on clean power, and protect against grid power outages. Aggregated with other solar and battery smart inverters from thousands of other homes, these technologies can also participate in grid services to reduce electric utility operating costs, improve the stability of the overall power grid, and earn cash back for homeowners.


Get paid to send your surplus renewable energy back to the grid, when electricity prices are high and the grid needs it the most.

Utilities and grid operators are rolling out grid services programs that pay homeowners for their stored solar energy when the grid needs it the most. As a result, electric utilities don’t need to deliver power from expensive, polluting power plants that traditionally address peak power demand. Homeowners in return can receive hundreds – and even thousands – of dollars towards the purchase of their home battery system or as annual incentive payments for participating in the grid services programs. A more cost effective, stable, and cleaner grid; powered by renewable solar energy; and extra money and peace of mind for homeowners — it’s a win-win-win.

Homeowners, check your region for your local utility grid service programs. Get cash for participating.

Enphase works with utilities and grid operators to make it easy to enroll in these programs as they become available. The programs take different forms, with different participation periods and customer compensation opportunities – depending on region, utility and grid needs. Currently, Enphase battery owners can enroll in programs in the following locations. Select your state to learn about the specifics of each program.


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More states and more utility companies are coming on board every quarter.

Homeowners enrolled in these programs are still able to use their reserved energy
for backup when the grid is down, and when triggered, Storm Guard always prioritizes
charging the system for maximum backup.


Installers, Enphase is here to help

For each grid services program Enphase launches, we provide in-depth training and on-demand resources to help you educate your customers on program value and requirements, and make the enrollment process seamless.

Tools for utilities and aggregators.

Enphase offers advanced software and controls to orchestrate large numbers of distributed energy resources through an integrated, customizable management platform that can be engineered to provide:

  • Portfolios of dispatchable, customer-connected resources, which can provide flexible load (e.g., firming renewables, following load, reducing system peaks) and system- and site-level resiliency

  • Enphase Grid Services Manager software to create and manage Virtual Power Plants

  • Solutions for planners and operators that provide flexibility and optionality to:

    • Reduce grid operating costs (e.g., energy procurement)

    • Help achieve state clean energy goals (e.g., renewable utilization and peak load reduction)

    • Improve the stability of the larger grid (e.g., voltage and frequency regulation, other ancillary services)

    • Increase DER hosting capacity

    • Lower the cost of specific T&D infrastructure upgrades (e.g., non-wires alternative opportunities)

  • Analytics to drive interconnection of solar and batteries where they will deliver most value, to manage hosting capacity and reduce distribution system asset loading

  • Seamless and intelligent electrification, leveraging integrated solutions that optimize demand across EV chargers, appliances, space conditioning, and other critical loads by applying the capabilities of onsite solar and batteries

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