System configurator

A system for every need

The Enphase Energy System can be configured in four different ways, ranging from Solar Only to Full Energy Independence. This system configurator will provide installers with the technical documentation, part numbers, diagrams, and more to assist in system planning and installation‚Äč.

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Home Energy Goals
Solar Only with IQ8 or IQ7
Sunlight Backup with IQ8
Home Essentials Backup with IQ8, IQ7, or legacy products
Full Energy Independence with IQ8, IQ7, or legacy products
Save money on my utility bill
Reduce my carbon footprint
Manage my system's performance live, and over time, on a mobile app
Power basic appliances during an outage (phones, lights, fans, or a fridge)
With sunlight
Day and night
Day and night
Integrate an AC generator to provide a seamless transition during a power outage
Manage appliances during an outage (shed AC, EV, heat pump, washer/dryer, etc.)
Participate in grid services programs to make money (where available)
Power my whole home during an extended outage and eliminate my energy bills