Small things make a big difference.

Overview of the accessories products

Solar accessories

Q cables

Lightweight, distributed-generation cable with pre-installed connectors.

Field wireable
Field-wireable connectors

Greater on-site flexibility for the perfect system design.

Sealing and terminator caps
Sealing and terminator caps

Protect your unused aggregator and cable connections.

Cable clips
Cable clips

Fasten cables to racking components for clean installations.

Disconnection tool
Disconnection tool

Unplug your components and wiring, only when desired.

engage cable
Engage cable

Extend your runs between M and S series microinverters.

Communication accessories

Enphase Cell Modem M1
Mobile connect

Reliable cellular networking with flexible data plans to match your needs.

Enphase CT 200 SPLIT
Consumption CTs

Home energy consumption monitoring for your home solar system.

Zigbee Wireless Range Extender
Zigbee Wireless Range Extender

Extend the wireless network between Enphase components.

Accessory kits

Everything you need, nothing you don't.

Accessories are usually just extras, but ours are your
essential tools to create your perfect home solar system.
Animated gif of microinverter being installed

Everything just clicks.

Enphase Solar uses plug-and-play technology to make your installations faster and easier. Everything snaps together seamlessly to form a perfect fit.  

Shine in all wether

Rain or shine, they're reliable.

Enphase Solar accessories have received a NEMA 6 rating and are backed by FEMA, meaning they can endure just about anything Mother Nature sends their way.