Small things make a big difference.


Solar accessories

Q cables

IQ Cables

Lightweight, distributed-generation cable with preinstalled connectors.

Field wireable

IQ Field Wireables

Greater on-site flexibility for the perfect system design.

Sealing and terminator caps

IQ Terminator and Sealing Caps

Protect your unused cable and microinverter connections.

Disconnection tool

IQ Disconnect Tools

Unplug your components and wiring, only when desired.

Cable clips

Engage Cable Clips

Fasten cables to racking components for clean installations.

engage cable

Engage Cables

Extend your runs between M and S Series Microinverters.

Accessories Kit

IQ Accessory Kit

IQ Terminator and Sealing Caps, Engage Cable Clips, and IQ Disconnect Tools.

Storage accessories

Enphase Mobile Connect

Cell modem

The Mobile Connect Cellular Modem delivers easy, reliable networking options for Enphase Energy Systems.


Eaton CSR Circuit Breaker

Eaton CSR Circuit Breakers are used for the main and backup load positions in the IQ System Controller and IQ System Controller 2.

IQ5P Handels

IQ Battery 5P Lifting Handles

Pair of reusable lifting handles for IQ Battery 5P installation.


IQ Battery 5P Pedestal

Floor mount pedestal to save installation space on the wall.


Control Cable

Enphase Control Cable for 3rd-generation wired components.

Communication accessories

Enphase Mobile Connect

Mobile Connect

Reliable cellular networking with 5-year pre-paid data plan.

CT 200 Clamp

Current Transformers

Monitor energy production and consumption in the Enphase App.

Zigbee Wireless Range Extender

Zigbee Wireless Range Extender

Extend the wireless network between 1st and 2nd-generation Enphase Energy System components.

enphase-commuication kit

Communications Kit

Integrate a 4G LTE for 2nd-generation systems Category M1 cellular modem with our wireless Communications Kit.

Communications Kit 2

Communications Kit 2

Add to existing Solar Only sites to make compatible with IQ Battery 5P.

CT-600-SPLIT Hero

Consumption Current Transformer

When used with an IQ Gateway Commercial 2, the Consumption Current Transformer (CT) enables energy consumption monitoring.


Production Current Transformer

When used with an IQ Gateway Commercial 2, the Production Current Transformer (CT) enables energy production monitoring.

Commercial accessories


QD Cables

Self-phase balancing and neutral sensing for phase loss protection; compatible with IQ8 Commercial Microinverters.


QD Cable Terminator

Protect unused QD Cable ends in commercial systems.

QD Sealing Cap

QD Sealing Caps

Cover unused connectors on QD Cables to protect from moisture ingress.


QD Center Tap Adapter Cable

Specifically designed to address voltage rise in commercial systems. 

acc field-wireable-qd-connector-female

Field Wireable QD Connector

Get greater on-site flexibility and eliminate cable waste for clean installations.


Raw QD Cable

Extend, cut, and splice this raw cable for the perfect system design.

IQ Commercial Cell Modem Kit

IQ Commercial Cellular Modem Kit

Get reliable cellular connectivity for IQ8 Commercial Microinverters.

EN4 terminated

DC Adapter Cables

Easily connect PV modules to IQ8 Commercial Microinverters.