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Our commitment to safe, powerful, and reliable home solar and storage systems doesn't stop with our products — it extends to the installers we partner with. The Enphase Installer Network is carefully designed to deliver the highest standards of customer service and system quality using Enphase products.

With every installer you choose from the installer network, you'll enjoy the most innovative solar technologies, the highest safety standards, and the best reliability — all backed by the industry's leading product warranty.

Three tiers of experts to serve you.

Enphase Badge Gold

Gold partners have a long track record of installing Enphase products and consistently exhibit great customer experience ratings. Every Gold partner is certified to install Enphase storage products.

Enphase Badge Platinum

Platinum partners have the longest track record of exclusively installing Enphase products. They deliver exceptional quality and earn the highest customer satisfaction scores. They are certified to install Enphase storage products.

Enphase Badge Silver

Silver partners have installed a sizable number of Enphase solar systems. Some of our Silver partners are also certified to install Enphase storage products. Some of them are local businesses near you.

What does a solar installer do?

In addition to new installs, installers provide upgrade and maintenance service. They're an essential resource during all stages of your solar journey, from design and planning to ongoing maintenance. Choosing an installer you trust, with the right qualifications and experience for your needs, will make your solar experience a lot smoother. They offer a range of services to help you maximize and maintain your energy savings.

Energy storage consultation and preparation

They'll guide you through the energy storage buying decision and planning process.

Solar PV design and installation

Installers design a PV system and carry out the physical installation of the PV system on your roof to help maximize your energy harvest.

Servicing of existing systems

Installers handle cleaning, repairs, and maintenance to keep your system in excellent shape and your savings constant.

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