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And it revolves around you.

Introducing the Enphase Energy System.

In a single hour, the sun generates enough energy to power the lives of every human on earth for an entire year. Imagine if all that power was in your hands.

The Enphase Energy System brings solar, batteries, and software together in one complete package so now you can make, use, save, and sell your own power—all through a smart mobile app.

With an Enphase system, not only can you lower your utility bills and reduce your carbon footprint, you can keep your power flowing even when the weather takes an unexpected turn, or the grid has a bad day.

This is the clean energy future we've been waiting for.

Simple as 1-2-3
Enphase IQ Microinverters
Enphase IQ battery
Enphase App
Enphase App

Always know how much power youre making, using, and saving both in real-time, and as it fluctuates over time. And use IQ Load Controller to prioritize and direct power to essential appliances during a grid outage to optimize energy consumption.

Enphase IQ Microinverters

Our new IQ8 Microinverters offer microgrid-forming technology that provides Sunlight Backup during grid outages, and the proprietary, intelligent chip makes switching between on or off grid virtually seamless.

Enphase IQ battery

Store solar power to use anytime—at night or during peak hours to reduce energy bills or when there’s an outage and utility power is unavailable.

Enphase App

The power of the sun, at your fingertips.

Control your Enphase system from virtually anywhere with the most powerful mobile app ever created for solar. See exactly where power is flowing through your home in real time. Monitor how much energy you've made, used, and saved so far this year. Choose the essential appliances that absolutely need to stay on during an outage—or let our software decide for you. And in many communities, when you're not saving surplus electricity for your own use, you'll be selling it back to your utility provider for cash or credit on your bill.

Our app can even alert you to severe weather in your area and automatically prioritize a full charge for your battery ahead of a storm.

That's a lot of power packed into one little app.

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Enphase IQ Microinverters

The brains of the system, now even brainier.

Our pioneering Enphase IQ Microinverter performs a seemingly impossible feat with brilliant simplicity.

It transforms photons, quantum particles of light, into safe AC power you can use to power your home. With an Enphase Energy System, every solar panel is equipped with its own microinverter, so if one panel slips into the shade or experiences a rare glitch, the other panels keep generating power.

That's in stark contrast to traditional string inverter systems, where if one panel goes down, the whole system can go down with it.

And now, with the introduction of our revolutionary Enphase IQ8 Microinverter with Sunlight Backup, for the first time, your lights, fans, and phones can stay powered even during a daytime grid outage, with or without a battery.

Enphase IQ Microinverters are compatible with virtually all solar panel makes and models, so choose the panels you like best knowing our microinverters will work with them seamlessly.

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Enphase IQ Battery

When the sun sets, it shines.

For years, solar power only worked when the sun was shining, saving you money during the day, but when night fell (as it does) or the grid failed (as it does), your energy production and your savings stopped. You used all the energy you produced with no way to save it for a rainy day.

Now, with the Enphase IQ Battery, you can bank the power you make and use it anytime, day or night, rain or shine. And in certain regions and states, you can sell the energy you don't need back to the grid—making your battery a bank in every sense of the word.

Enphase IQ Batteries use lithium iron phosphate chemistry, which means they are safer, last longer, and cost less than NMC alternatives. They come in two sizes—3.3 kWh and 10 kWh. Because Enphase batteries are modular by design, you can easily add more capacity and grow your system over time.

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In a single hour,
the sun generates
enough energy to
power the lives of
every human on earth
for an entire year.

Phone preview_System monitoring
  • System Monitoring
  • Manage power-hungry appliances
  • Activate generator support
  • Monitor and control from anywhere

Monitor home energy system performance live, in real time — including each solar panel. And view energy production, consumption, and savings over time.

Phone preview_Manage power.jpg
  • System Monitoring
  • Manage power-hungry appliances
  • Activate generator support
  • Monitor and control from anywhere

The IQ Load Controller feature in the app lets you prioritize power to essential appliances during an outage, or when battery storage is running low, so you can control and optimize your energy usage.

Phone preview_Backup generator.jpg
  • System Monitoring
  • Manage power-hungry appliances
  • Activate generator support
  • Monitor and control from anywhere

Connect your standby AC generator to your home energy system to maximize resilience during an outage without limiting available power to the home. Monitor power flow, start and stop the generator remotely, set quiet hours, and control it all from the app.

Phone preview_Complete control.jpg
PreviewApp_Complete contol.jpg
  • System Monitoring
  • Manage power-hungry appliances
  • Activate generator support
  • Monitor and control from anywhere

Get the most out of your system with the perfect remote control — your Enphase app. Effortlessly manage your home energy, device settings, account information, and notifications from one screen.

Meet the heroes of our story.

Installer Network

The best solar installers in the business are trained and certified to work with Enphase products. Together, they've installed almost 1.7+ million Enphase systems in 130 countries—and they're ready for the next 10 million.

They can design and install a system that's right for your home—down to your exact specifications. And because they live where you live, ask them about incentives or credits that may be available in your area.

Design a system that's right for you.

Looking to save on your monthly utility bills? What about keeping the lights on during a power outage? Or maybe you want to reduce your carbon footprint? We can help you think through your home energy goals and connect you to a certified installer to help you design a system to your exact specifications.

And remember to ask your installer about tax credits and incentives in your area, along with great financing deals that may be available to you.

Home Energy Goals
Solar Only
Sunlight Backup*
Home Essentials Backup
Full Energy Independence
Save money on my utility bill
Reduce my carbon footprint
Manage my system's performance live, and over time, on a mobile app
Power basic appliances during an outage (phones, lights, fans, or a fridge)
With sunlight
Day and night
Day and night
Integrate an AC generator to provide a seamless transition during a power outage
Manage appliances during an outage (shed AC, EV, heat pump, washer/dryer, etc.)
Participate in grid services programs to make money (where available)
Power my whole home during an extended outage and eliminate my energy bills

* Requires essential loads panel and 2 IQ Load Controllers. Refer to Enphase tech brief here and here for more details.

** The Enphase IQ Load Controller is highly recommended to shed all power-hungry appliances during outages.

The future is looking up.

Make, use, save, and sell your own clean energy.

The future is looking up.