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How it works

How it works

See how solar, batteries, and software come together in an all-in-one energy system.

Q meets A

Ever wonder what happens to solar power on a cloudy day? Or want to know how solar saves money? You aren't alone. Our customers had questions, and we have the answers.


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Solar power and clouds

Learn how to save money with solar panels, even in cloudy climates.


Solar savings

Learn how adding solar to your home can reduce electricity costs year-round.


Choosing a solar panel

Enphase IQ Microinverters work with many solar panels, here’s how to choose.


Solar and re-roofing

If you wait to add solar until re-roofing, you may be leaving savings behind.


Microinverter advantage

Inverters turn DC electricity to AC electricity, but there’s much more to this story.


Electrical loads

To understand solar’s benefits, first know your electricity demands.


Apps and solar

Learn how the Enphase App makes the power of the sun manageable.


Solar and the shade

Trees are beautiful, but they shade solar systems. Microinverters help.


Batteries vs generator

Evaluate generators versus batteries, and learn how they can work together.


Battery chemistry

Not all Lithium-Ion batteries are the same, learn the differences


Storm preparedness

Severe weather can knock out power — features like Storm Guard can prepare you.


Financing solar

You have options when going solar — learn the pros and cons of each choice.


Installing a solar system

From permitting to interconnection — here’s what to expect when going solar.


Grid services

Learn how some utilities are paying customers for their stored energy.


Solar and EVs

Learn how to reduce your fuel costs and drive on sunshine with a solar system.


Solar when the grid fails

Solar can keep the lights on during an outage with batteries or Sunlight Backup.


Choose a system

Learn the differences between Enphase’s energy systems


Solar: Where to start

Here are the right questions to ask before contacting an installer.

The power of microinverters

Let us show you how Enphase microinverters make solar safer, more efficient, and more powerful.

How the Enphase microinverter works
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