The maestro of the Enphase Energy System.​

IQ Gateway

IQ Gateway uses existing home wiring to communicate directly with IQ Microinverters and the Enphase App. With integrated production and consumption monitoring, the home becomes a true all-in-one smart energy system.

Combiner phone

Over-the-air updates

With the IQ Gateway, Enphase products can be updated automatically over the internet to include the latest software and features.

Enphase Homeowner App

Real-time energy monitoring

Enphase sends system production and consumption to the Enphase App. Discover panel-level detail with the tap of a finger.

Remote system management

Remote system management

Save time and money by managing systems remotely. Reduce unexpected truck rolls and keep homeowners happy.

IQ Combiner

System metering and the IQ Gateway in one easy-to-install package.

IQ Combiner 5C comes with an IQ Gateway, cell modem, and Comms Kit 2 pre-installed for faster installation and fewer parts in your truck and on the wall.

IQ5P System Controller garage

Designed for solar plus storage

Supporting up to 80 amps of input current, the IQ Combiner 5/5C accommodates four double-pole breakers and two split-core transformers.

CT 200 Clamp

Includes 4 Current Transformers (CTs)

IQ Combiner 5/5C comes with one pre-installed production CT, two loose, clamp-style consumption CTs, and one more CT for dedicated IQ Battery 5P monitoring.

Ready for the elements

Ready for the elements

IQ Combiner 5/5C is a NEMA 3R outdoor rated enclosure and comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

Coming soon

Communications Kit 2

Use Comms Kit 2 to upgrade existing Solar Only sites to work with IQ Battery 5P. Add this accessory in its own enclosure to sites with IQ Combiner 3-ES/3C-ES/4/4C to add compatibility with 3rd-generation components.

Always on

A connected system is a smarter system, no matter which communication device you choose.
IQ Combiner 5
IQ Combiner 5
IQ Combiner 5C
IQ Combiner 5C
IQ Combiner 4C
IQ Combiner 4C