An installer’s guide to

NEM 3.0 in California

California solar installers have exciting new opportunities with NEM 3.0, but to unlock the full potential, they need Enphase.

Enphase provides a comprehensive suite of products and services designed to maximize the benefits of NEM 3.0 for both homeowners and installers. Unlike NEM 2.0 which rewards homeowners for selling excess solar energy to the grid, NEM 3.0 incentivizes homeowners to use their own energy.

Under NEM 3.0, the time-varying rate of energy motivates homeowners to store excess generated solar and consume it during peak demand. In addition, the rate incentivizes homeowners to export energy during high compensation periods. The combination of avoiding grid energy during peak times and selling energy during certain other peak times can result in a substantial financial return on investment for homeowners.


Technical resources

Get started

Start here. It has everything you need to know about NEM 3.0.


Quick guide

Download a quick overview of NEM 3.0 and the power of Enphase.


White paper

Detailed information about optimizing systems for NEM 3.0.


Design video

Watch how easy and precise it is to design a NEM 3.0 system using Solargraf.

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Installation video

Watch how easy it is to install a grid-tied Enphase IQ Battery.

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The power of Enphase

10 essential reasons to choose an Enphase Energy System.

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Overview of solar and NEM 3.0

Learn about the impact of changes in California solar billing.

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Benefits of a battery with NEM 3.0

Explore how including a battery with a solar system increases bill savings.

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Enphase battery options for NEM 3.0

Discover the optimal solar and battery system for your specific needs.

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The power of Enphase

Your solar panel placement is now flexible, but you need batteries

Solar panels can now be installed South and/or West facing. Battery size is affected by the consumption profile-daytime vs peaky evening user. Let our modular batteries and Solargraf help you design your system to meet your needs.

Offer quick payback by adding non-backup (grid-tied) IQ Batteries

By adding IQ Batteries, homeowners can export energy to the grid to enjoy a utility bill offset of up to 90% and a payback period as short as five years.

Add a grid-tied IQ Battery to a solar system in about an hour

Adding a grid-tied IQ Battery couldn’t be easier. Simply mount the battery and connect it to the IQ Combiner. There’s nothing else to it.

Let homeowners choose self-consumption or savings mode

Choose between maximizing carbon offset in self-consumption mode by minimizing energy purchased from the grid, or maximizing bill offset in savings mode.

Avoid costly main panel upgrades with Enphase Power Control

With the new Enphase Power Control technology, you can install extra solar and battery power without the need to upgrade the main load panel or service transformer.

Create new opportunities by adding backup to any grid-tied system

Enphase grid-tied solar systems with IQ Batteries can be upgraded to whole home backup at
any time. This makes it easier to sell today, and tomorrow.

Get started today with Solargraf design and proposal services

The Solargraf design tool from Enphase helps our installer partners to quickly and easily design solar and battery systems to operate under NEM 3.0 tariffs. The key to this tool is the software simulation and optimization engine—the same as the software engine that is part of the Enphase Energy System. This ensures that the proposal generated for the homeowner, and its financial analysis, matches the system’s actual operation.

Get started with NEM 3.0

Enphase installers can get started today by contacting their Enphase account manager, booking a Solargraf demo to start a free trial, or attending a NEM 3.0 webinar.

Are you a homeowner? Get started with Enphase.