Green Mountain Power Grid Services 

Homeowners with Enphase IQ Batteries can choose one of two ways to save money with Green Mountain Power (GMP).

Bring your own device

When electricity demands are high, homeowners with IQ Batteries can let GMP use their extra, stored power to relieve strain on the grid. GMP expects these energy export events to happen five to eight times per month with an alert at least four hours in advance and last three hours. Enphase does not support the four-hour events, as IQ Batteries are designed to be discharged over three hours. Homeowners can always expect to save 10% of their battery capacity for home energy needs.

Eligible homeowners can choose how much power they want to enroll and receive up to $9,500 in upfront incentives, with a range of additional offerings from GMP:

  • Enroll with a 10-year commitment for an additional $850 per kW. 

  • In areas that need more storage capacity, homeowners may be eligible for an additional incentive of $100 per kW, totaling up to $950 total per kW. 

For example, a homeowner with an IQ Battery 10 could enroll up to 6 kW in the program. After a three-hour event, they could earn up to $5,100, or if they’re in an area that needs more storage capacity, up to $5,700. 

Learn more about the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program from GMP.

BYOD from the Enphase App

Homeowners that already own an IQ Battery and want to enroll in the Bring Your Own Device program can get started from the Enphase App. Sign up from the “Services” page in the Enphase App “Menu” to complete an application in minutes.

Enphase App screenshots