Green Mountain Power and Enphase

Two ways to save money when you take part in Green Mountain Power’s (GMP) Grid Services programs with Enphase IQTM Batteries.

Enroll your own battery, right from our app.

If you already own an Enphase battery, or are planning to add one to your system, it couldn’t be easier to enroll in the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) version of this program. The Enphase App (available on the App Store or Google Play) is pre-configured to get you online in minutes and help to support peak demand events – while always preserving a minimum of 10% battery reserve power for your own home.

How the Green Mountain Power Bring Your Own Device program works

Eligible IQ Battery customers can enroll their energy systems and receive up to $9,500 in upfront incentives. Like the lease deal described above, this program also involves sharing surplus power back to the grid to mitigate peak energy demands.

New and existing IQ Battery owners may choose how much power they want to enroll in the program. Green Mountain Power only uses the surplus energy in your battery during “Peak Events,” which generally happen five to eight times per month and last approximately three hours. Customers are alerted at least four hours in advance of these events occurring.

Green Mountain Power customers enrolling their IQ Batteries for ten years may be eligible for an incentive of $850 per kilowatt enrolled for each three-hour discharge. Enphase does not support the 4-hour discharge option currently. Enphase IQ Batteries are designed to be discharged over 3-hours. IQ Battery owners in certain parts of Vermont where more storage is needed to achieve home backup may be eligible for an extra payment of $100 per kilowatt. In this case, customers may be eligible for an incentive up to $950 per kilowatt. 

For example, a customer with two IQ Battery 10s could enroll up to 6kW in the program. At the three-hour discharge point, that could earn an upfront incentive of up to $5,100 for the customer, or $5,700 if the customer were in a part of Vermont in need of extra battery storage capacity. 

Detailed Bring Your Own Device program information is available here.